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God and politics

Dear editor:

Mr. Crawford (Sept 30) sent what he calls my "strange rebuttal" to his rebuttal (Sept. 9) about my letter to Ms. Jones concerning God's divine appointments of human leaders. My comments may be strange to him since he seemingly believes that God and politics don't mix.

If Mr. Crawford would study a correctly printed Bible (KJV) he would see in Genesis that God instituted politics in mankind's affairs when He told Adam and Eve of His judgment if they chose to eat from His special tree. When the Devil convinced them to lean toward the Left and ignore God's administrative commandment, the situation became political.

When Jethro advised his son-in-law to delegate his authority to "able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness, and place such (over the people), to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, and rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens ... if God commands you. ... " (Exodus 18:13-27), Moses took his father-in-law's suggestion. That was God's political agenda.

When Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, He chose Peter to be the leader of His church (Matthew 16:18-19). That was Jesus' policy.

Mr. Crawford, you are partially correct when you said that when our forefathers came to the New World they brought a "secular" democratic republic. If you mean that they did not attempt to create a theocracy like the one they had in Europe, I agree with you. However, if you mean they elected leaders without praying for God's direction, then I disagree. It would be difficult for me to believe you accept the false assumption that they left God out of the process altogether. Why wouldn't God involve Himself in our political affairs especially when Christians left Europe by the thousands to have the freedom to worship as they please?

While many people migrated to the New World, "the English government saw emigration as an excellent means of getting rid of dissident (religious) sects. For their part, these strong-willed, God-fearing people were eager to migrate to a new land where they could worship freely" ("Civilization Past & Present," Fourth Edition, Prehistory to 1650, pgs. 379-380). Our founding fathers, in drawing up the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, were protecting religion from being controlled by the government when encouraging a separation of church and state.

As our country spirals toward a time of great tribulation it is not inconceivable that God would not choose leaders, both good and evil, to work in His master plan. He reminds us that His thoughts and ways are not like ours (Isaiah 55:8-9). This is how I reconcile the attitude that God anoints those whom He chooses as leaders, not their actions.

"Come now, let us reason together, saith the Lord ... " (Isaiah 1:18a), it is good to agree to disagree.

Donald Cunningham

Hot Springs

Kudos to athlete

Dear editor:

Thanks for printing the photo and caption about Maxine Dickerson's competition in the Senior Olympics held in Shawnee, Okla.

Maxine is a friend and former member/participant at Quapaw Community Center in the aqua-arthritis classes held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. She commented that the class helped her to get ready to compete by building up her strength and stamina.

My congratulations to Maxine! While many of us seniors choose to relax in retirement, Maxine is an example of using her spare time to improve her health by competing in physically challenging activities.

I sincerely hope that Maxine will take the challenge to go to Fort Lauderdale in November 2021 for the National Senior Games. I will be cheering her on to even further success!

Carol Smith

Hot Springs

The new 'kill count'

Dear editor:

I grew up here in Hot Springs during the Vietnam era. Every day, the news would give the "kill count" -- xxx Vietnamese and xxx American dead. My unbreakable mother would shed a tear. Fast forward to today we are at war again. The news updates the "kill count" daily, I now shed a tear. We can win this war by wearing a mask, washing our hands, and following the guidelines from science.

At Gardner Elementary school one of my great teachers had us write our soldiers letters. Teachers, over the becoming holidays, follow suit and have your students write letters to our first responders. With good luck, these children will grow up and remember. What they remember will be up to us.

Ramona Hamilton


The Biden scandal

Dear editor:

Recently the New York Post released shocking information in Joe Biden's alleged connection with the scandal in Ukraine. But this is not in the news because the Main Stream news will not carry the story including this paper because The Associated Press won't cover it. Twitter blocked it and Facebook restricted it. I am reminded of a story about President Trump who jumped into a lion's den at the zoo and rescued a baby. The headline, "Trump steals meal from starving lion."

So it is with most every article accredited to The Associated Press. They cannot be satisfied with reporting the news without adding commentary. We would like to hear the real news, not the Russian collusion now determined to be fake. Yes, we should have heard the story but we also as Paul Harvey would have said, "the Rest of the Story." Did anyone headline that story? No. Suddenly it just faded away like the Hillary e-mail issue smashed -- death by hammer.

How are we to make an educated decision about candidates when the news outlets flagrantly only report favorable stories about their favorable politicians? In today's fast world of internet and 24 hour TV news we are no longer satisfied getting the Pueblo Chieftain delivered by mail one week after publication like I enjoyed as a child. "Little House on the Prairie" was satisfied with stories about Nellie Oleson's love life but we have widened our interest worldwide. We want to know if the COVID was released on the world intentionally. We want to know if Trump colluded with the Russians and if he did not. And we want to know if Joe Biden was peddling vice presidential influence on behalf of Hunter. We also need to know if he didn't, if and when that is determined.

Now my limitations are Dear Abby, Comics, Obituaries and Letters to the Editor. My pet parakeet died years ago.

Ted Burhenn

Hot Springs

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