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Country over party

Dear editor:

Antifa (Marxist organization; see their website), BLM (their funds go 100% to the Democratic Party, not to Black people), paid rioters burning down businesses, looting, stealing private property, threatening innocent people in their suburban homes, brutally injuring people and now as of the last few days murdering people. All perpetrated and tolerated in Democrat-controlled cities and states.

This is precisely the societal order you are getting and will have nationwide if you elect the Democrat running for president (Biden). These groups own him.

Law and order will become street law (as it undisputedly is in the streets of these Democrat-run cities) vs. our constitutional protected law.

Your freedom will be up to you to personally defend as law enforcement agencies are seeing an enormous number of sudden retirees and resignations as a result of police not being supported by Democrat mayors, county administrations and governors.

It is now crystal clear that the current day Democrats (not the Democrats of yesteryear) prefer party over country.

The Republicans' position is also crystal clear: country over party.

Which law and order and freedom do you want for yourself and your family?

Rick Wilson

Hot Springs

Questionable leadership

Dear editor:

It is quite clear that Sen. Clark and Reps. Richmond, Cozart and Rushing are placing other interests in front of their duty to the general public by joining in the lawsuit to have the Legislature take control of the coronavirus restrictions. Their stated intent is clearly to ease restrictions and abolish the mask mandate regardless of the effect on the health of their constituents. This is totally irresponsible on their part.

Arkansas still has a very serious infection rate and at this point well over 850 virus-connected deaths. The state is one of seven states where the infection rate is highest. If they are successful, everyone in the area will have a greater risk of contracting the virus and suffering the attendant consequences.

We have a right to expect our elected representatives to act responsibly and maturely on our behalf. At this point, their actions are more than questionable.

Michael Misch

Hot Springs Village

Lawmakers' lawsuit

Dear editor:

Suing the Health Department for issuing safety directives to try and keep Arkansans safe as best as possible during the ongoing pandemic?

Where have these "lawmakers" been the last several months?

I think the public would like to see the names of these 18 "lawmakers" in print.

Thank you and keep wearing your masks.

Michael Honold

Hot Springs

Majestic Park project

Dear editor:

I'm no Rodney Dangerfield, but like to think I have a good sense of humor. In these times, it might be the best prescription to keep one's sanity.

So I'll share with readers a good one I heard the other day.

Question: "How many board of directors members does it take to unanimously approve an $8.5 million dollar construction project without realizing it lies in a flood plain?"

Answer: "Five, but only if they're the current board of directors in Hot Springs and it involves issuing a taxpayer indebted bond."

There you have it, citizens of Hot Springs. We present to you "Majestic" fields!

Kate Jones

Hot Springs

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