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Get involved

Dear editor:

First, let me say I agree with Rick Wilson's letter to the editor on Sept. 9. He made a powerful statement and it is important to think about what he said: "Your freedom will be up to you to personally defend as law enforcement agencies are seeing an enormous number of sudden retirees and resignations as a result of police not being supported by Democrat mayors, county administrations and governors."

It is important to be involved with your local government and voice your concerns at the city and county level. Thomas Jefferson said: "The government closest to the people serves the people best." When was the last time you went to your school board meeting? Local government affects your pocketbook first, and you have more sway than you do whether it's the Capitol in Little Rock or Washington D.C.

But that's not what urged me to write this response. I am responding to disagree with the opinions of Michael Misch of Hot Springs Village and Michael Honold of Hot Springs. Mr. Misch accused our local legislators of having "special interests" and "to ease restrictions and abolish the mask mandate."

The lawsuit against the ADH was not about restrictions to abolish the mask mandate but the usurpation of power the governor has allowed a non-elected entity to make decisions. Since Thursday, the governor is having his buddies "whip" the legislators into supporting his position on the emergency orders. Is this the type of representation you prefer? Last Thursday, I and four others drove to Little Rock to show our support for those who support their districts and who understand why they were hired -- to represent.

In regard to Mr. Honold, here is the list of the bold legislators who understand the Balance of Powers.

These are the Arkansas state legislators who will pursue legal action against the director of the Arkansas Department of Health in the effort to restore the principles of our representative government. These legislators also believe that the perpetual state of emergency must end.

Sen. Bob Ballinger

Sen. Alan Clark

Sen. Kim Hammer

Sen. Terry Rice

Sen. Gary Stubblefield

Sen.-elect Dan Sullivan

Rep. Mary Bentley

Rep. Harlan Breaux

Rep. Bruce Cozart

Rep. Justin Gonzalez

Rep. Steven Meeks

Rep. Josh Miller

Rep. John Payton

Rep. Marcus Richmond

Rep. Laurie Rushing

Rep. Brandt Smith

Rep. Nelda Speaks

Rep. Richard Womack

The Arkansas State Motto is Regnat Populus, not unelected commissions.

Reggie Cowan

Hot Springs

Abuse of power

Dear editor:

Most people (at least, too many) aren't interested. But -- if we ever get to the bottom of what's been going on since 2016 to now, it will make the Mueller mania, Nancy's nervous mouth and hand show, Schumer's schizophrenia, Schiff's delusion of being head honcho, and all the fake "caring for the people" libs and now the new crop of slave owners, look like Trump getting a ticket for speeding on a country road. Lord hasten the day! Amen!

We've watched while the Dems abused their power in trying to keep Trump out of the White House, then trying to eject him from the White House, and now using slaves, who many don't know who Donald Trump or Joe Biden are, to keep him from getting "four more years" in the White House.

If you think Satan isn't just as sly today as he was in the garden when he deceived Eve, you haven't seen the American cities being destroyed by thousands of paid slaves, seemingly with the approval of liberal mayors and governors (strike "seemingly.")

Dems are spoiled brats -- it's what they do! Blame someone else (Donald Trump) for the mess they make. A city (Portland) out of control and the man in charge blames the guy in D.C. They are delusional and totally lost.

America is a Christian nation and I thank God for the growing number of people of all backgrounds and races, whose eyes he has opened, showing them to not let socialists do their thinking or speaking for them. With God's guidance, we will enjoy the American dream, not the despair of the socialist nightmare! Joshua 24:15: "Choose you this day who you will serve -- but for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Christianity and socialism are exact opposites and cannot dwell together.

Those deceiving the vulnerable with a few bucks and empty promises are evil and will one day pay a huge unbearable price.

God Bless America. Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

P.S.: Dems, who have round the clock security, while allowing our police to be attacked and shamed, should reap the repercussions. Big time! What's good for the goose is good for the gander? What goes around comes around?

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

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