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VA policy concerns

Dear editor:

The "plague" is very dangerous for the elderly. My wife and I are in our mid-70s but we stay to ourselves. We even have our groceries delivered. Our primary care physician reminds us to stay home and our doctor visits are by way of video/telephone. It has served us well and we appreciate his caring attitude. He doesn't want us exposed and cares for our well-being. Of course, there may come a time when an in-office appointment may be needed.

I'm in need of major dental work but I'm waiting for a more opportune time which is controlled by a possible decline in the plague. Perhaps it's a wasted effort but I have to think of my wife's needs for my care among other plague-related problems. The time may not come in my lifetime!

I get my more expensive drugs such as the very expensive blood thinner and insulin from the Veterans Administration. Life would be very hard if not for their help.

Recently, I was advised by the Hot Springs VA that if I did not come into their clinic I would no longer receive medication. I expressed my concern for the exposure to the plague but they were going to discontinue any help unless I come into the clinic and possibly risk being exposed to the very contagious plague.

When I explained that I had to take care of my wife, I was told by the VA to hire someone! Not to mention that my exposure may well result in both of us going to the hospital and probably much worse.

My complaint is mostly with VA policy, not personnel! Darlene, for example, is one of the finest, kindest and most professional people that I've met within the VA.

However, I wonder how many lives have been lost or ruined, nationwide, because of the VA imposing these needless rules? After all, I do have a "civilian" primary care physician who oversees my health condition according to Medicare requirements. I only use the VA for the high-cost prescriptions; no doctor needed. A nurse practitioner would be the VA's solution even if I looked to them for care.

Perhaps my problem is only the policy of the Hot Springs Clinic? I called the Little Rock VA and the person I spoke with did not seem to understand there was a problem. They recommended a video/telephone interview utilizing a cellphone ... the same way my primary care physician sees me on my appointments since "the plague" has changed our methods.

Darryl Foshee

Hot Springs

AP's Trump reports

Dear editor:

Each morning, I look forward to receiving The Sentinel-Record and have for many years. I read it completely paying particular attention to political news, most of which comes from The Associated Press. I then read your statement of core values which just doesn't equate to me.

Even when the AP is forced to print an article giving President Trump credit for doing something good there is always a caveat. It seems just the opposite in one concerning any liberal politician. I have always considered S-R to be leaning left, which is OK. It's your paper and your choice. However, since Trump has been president, it has been much more so. Just my humble opinion.

Dick Collins

Hot Springs

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