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Vote your conscience

Dear editor:

Back in May, I wrote a letter showing how South Korea had successfully handled the pandemic when contrasted to America's failure. I felt a comparison was valid because America and South Korea were infected with their first case of the virus on the same day. I had predicted if the U.S. continued to handle the pandemic in the same way that it was at that time, we would have about 190,000 deaths by December. But America's handling of the pandemic was far worse than I had calculated. Scientists are now predicting we may have up to 400,000 deaths by the end of the year.

Recent data shows South Korea having only 21,296 cases and 336 deaths compared to America having 6,189,488 cases and 187,541 deaths. If my math is correct and we had treated the pandemic in the same way as South Korea, we could have saved 89,886 lives. So, I leave it up to you to decide if Donald's incessant claims of great success handling the COVID-19 virus are true.

The most important vote of your life is coming up in November. You have to decide which candidates have more credibility and trust ... which can best limit the devastation of COVID-19 ... which can best unite and lead our country ... which will give the world and our allies confidence ... which will best give our young people hope ... which will make our corporate masters pay their fair share ... which will create living-wage jobs ... which will protect our Post Office ... best protect our environment and recognize that global warming is real ... best reflect gender inclusion and America's racial diversity ... accept immigrants as important contributors to our country ... help to secure health care for all ... bring about sensible gun laws and changes to police procedures so we can all feel safer on our streets ... better understand demonstrators who march with signs proclaiming Black Lives Matter ... help make education affordable ... protect Social Security and Medicare ... voter rights ... deal with infrastructure ... etc., etc. Yes, there is a lot weighing on the vote in November.

We have had four years to see how Donald Trump can handle running America. He was a change candidate and we gave him a chance to grow and maybe become presidential. But to this Independent voter, he has absolutely failed and exposed his irreverence, incompetence, and reality TV limitations.

But you may have a different view. And you have a right to that view. So vote your conscience and vote for Donald if you think he is taking America in the right direction. I will respect your vote and the peoples' vote when all the votes are tallied. But I suspect and fear Donald will not. In fact, having second thoughts, I would bet on it.

Bill Wiedmann

Hot Springs

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