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Wildfire control

Dear editor:

The control of wildfires in this country is ineffective, to say the least. The prevention and extinguishing of these wildfires can be brought under control in a matter of hours. How? By having more tanker aircraft available to put out these fires before they get out of hand. The tanker aircraft is the most effective means to extinguish these fires.

There are large numbers of aircraft in storage at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona (military tankers) and commercial aircraft at the Mojave Airport north of Los Angeles. These aircraft could be retrofitted as firefighting aircraft.

If there were a hundred or so tanker aircraft available when a fire started, these aircraft could converge on the fire and immediately put it out. This is a no-brainer, as the equipment and technology are available to control and prevent wildfires from destroying thousands of homes, lives and property.

Funding could come from the government or insurance companies, which pay enormous claims, and the aircraft could be provided by the U.S. government, etc. This would also create jobs.

We cannot prevent the destruction caused by Mother Nature but we can prevent the excessive damage caused by wildfires. This destruction is getting worse each year and should be a national emergency and reason to act.

Pass this on so hopefully the powers that be will get the hint and do something about these destructive wildfires.

Mike Smith

Hot Springs

Road action needed

Dear editor:

Over the last 10 years, there has been a shortage each year of at least $1 million in the road and paving budgets. The results of this under budgeting by the Hot Springs city government can easily be seen in the condition of our inner city streets.

Our Hot Springs citizens know full well the conditions of these roads as they drive on these bumps every day! As an example, upper Fifth Street has just been repaved. Great, but it should have been done at least 10 years ago.

The city government has made roads the No. 2 priority for the year 2021. This should be priority No. 1 starting in September of this year!

Most citizens are tired of all these bond issues for pie-in-the-sky ideas. How about applying our hamburger tax for a while to our roads? The Hot Springs citizens want action on the roads and they want it now!

Carson Albert

Hot Springs

Political vandalism

Dear editor:

Thieves stole two political signs for the headquarters from the Republican Party of Garland County Saturday night or Sunday morning.

The signs were found missing about 2 p.m. Sunday at the RPGC Headquarters at 1420-J Central Ave. The signs included the Republican Party of Garland County sign on the door and a reelect President Trump sign on one of the windows.

Although the value of the signs were minimal, the vandal or vandals not only took the personal property of the Republican Party of Garland County they also violated the First Amendment, free speech rights of all Americans. I personally believe this theft was political vandalism that was conducted by the same type of people who have vandalized many cities in our country.

The theft was reported to the Hot Springs Police Department. The RPGC will ask that the thieves be prosecuted if captured.

The RPGC dedicated the new Garland County Victory 2020 Headquarters on Sept. 3.

Matt McKee

RPGC chairman

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