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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION December 19, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

Absolute freedom

Dear editor:

In a functioning society, people do not and cannot have absolute freedom to do whatever they please at the expense of everyone else.

The concept of absolute freedom is an illusion carried by delusional people. Absolute freedom does not exist physically, spiritually, intellectually or in reality. Freedom has limitations and bounds determined by the society people live in. The concept of "I want to do what I want to do, and "I want to be my own boss without anyone telling me what to do" is not reality. This is the mentality of a juvenile and is not condoned in a civilized society.

More people will require less freedom, with more laws and regulations. Politicians in an effort to buy votes have extended freedoms beyond what some minds can handle. Some act like domestic terrorists and barbarians to intimidate others to get what they want. They are like infants throwing a temper tantrum. Humans that cannot live and function for the good of society are not "good people."

This mindset needs to be eliminated. Absolute freedom at the expense of others in a functioning civil society cannot be permitted. In a civilized society, people achieve inner freedom and peace without taking freedoms and the lives from others. We can hope that someday we will achieve a civilized society, but now we are not even close.

Jerry Davis

Hot Springs

Stoking division

Dear editor:

Mr. Stamps stated he was hesitant to address race and the hypocrisy of those perpetuating racial division. Yes, people may be treated inconsistently based on skin color -- I don't know. I haven't seen it yet. I can tell you this, I have been treated unfairly by other races myself.

I am a male white teacher (yes, I am an evil white male as stated by BLM and their cronies) who has worked in a majority Black school for 17 years. You stated this happens on a daily basis. I treat all of my students -- Black, white, Hispanic -- equally in my classroom. You point to the institutions of banking, media, education (remember, I am an educator), business, entertainment, religion (not sure about this one), law enforcement and the judicial system without providing very specific facts to support your statements. Essentially, you are jumping into the fray as a stoker of division by doing so.

Please point to it in our city and county as you claim -- I would like to know. I do everything in my power to help all of my students, not just the white ones, and am respectful of all cultures. If you consider Jan. 6 an insurrection, what do you consider the riots led by groups like BLM while our country's leaders (I use the term loosely) turned their backs? I am curious. Then you get personal -- calling people Christians but not a believer of Jesus Christ and his Biblical word. You also refer to the "religious right" in a derogatory manner, of which I am one. Some things, as you mention, in our legal system may need some work -- but again -- please provide specifics instead of stoking division.

Our country has made a lot of mistakes but also great strides to correct them. Finally, you mention CRT (Critical Race Theory) and I am not sure why unless you are jumping on the bandwagon. You are right -- CRT is not taught in my school, but we (our teachers) have been subject to professional development indirectly on CRT. Please get your facts straight; provide specific examples, and ways to solve your accusations, I would love to hear them. Oh yes, while I am a teacher at a majority Black school, I am first and foremost a Christian and a Believer of Jesus Christ and His word. Does this mean perfection -- no -- He was the only perfect human.

Barry White

Hot Springs

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