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SENIOR SCENE: Looking forward

OPINION by Janie Smith, Helping Others at Jackson House | December 26, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.
Janie Smith - Submitted photo

Another year is behind us. I always look forward optimistically to the positive changes to come. Our community comes together in times of need with support, action, and prayers. We all cheer for each other and try to make a lasting impact for those down on their luck. Together we are agents focused on positive outcomes.

Many changes for thousands of families locally have happened this year, both good and bad. Many became ill, some passed away, some found new jobs, and some were lost. Many believe that change is good. It falls in the eyes of the beholder, is my opinion. Hopefully, people eventually become optimistic, that they have a future to grab on to. I still think that if one door closes another will open.

The beauty of the year lies in each face, hopeful, happy, and looking for the next step. Everyone falters. The quality of the help given provides results that matter to us all. If you would like to dedicate just a small amount of your time in helping to change lives for the better, Jackson House is the place to be. It is truly good for the soul. A legacy of making sure that "Every item, every dollar, every person, counts." Every day, every week, every year, people grow and change. We have the opportunity to help. Each family helped improves the world around us indefinitely.

Call 501-623-4048, stop by 705 Malvern Ave., or visit

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