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SENIOR SCENE: What's your 'more' for the new year?

OPINION by Joyce Whitfield, HS Area Community Foundation | December 26, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.
Joyce Whitfield - Submitted photo

A few years back there was a TV commercial that started out "What's your more?" It is a good thing to consider as we start a new year. What is it that you are looking for "more" of?

I Googled "What's your more" and found two interesting approaches. One was from the standpoint of what do we want from others; what more do we want them to be or what more do we want them to bring to us. The other reflected on what more do we want out of ourselves? What will bring you the most happiness in our lives. What brings you true satisfaction -- whether it is travel, pursuing a passion, spending time with family, or volunteering.

Do we want to focus on being of more service to others in return for all our own blessings? From experience, we know that every new year can bring times of stress, trial, disappointment, and failure. But we know there will also be moments of joy, peace satisfaction and spiritual renewal.

The challenge is to let the good times sustain us during the sad times. If we allow the negatives to dictate ourselves, we will find 2022 to be a miserable year. Focusing on others has always been a sound psychological and theological approach to getting us through times of challenge. When we put others first, we find the dark days are more tolerable

In this coming year, may your days be filled with the satisfaction of serving others. Not only will they be served but you will receive another blessing. And, that's the kind of "more" that will benefit all of us.

Your Hot Springs Area Community Foundation is a resource for information and can suggest ways to assist with serving those with the greatest needs. We can be reached at 501-620-4008 or [email protected] Happy New Year and blessings to all of you and yours!

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