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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION February 14, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

A 'moment to decide'

Dear editor:

There is a hymn that begins as follows:

Once to ev'ry man and nation

Comes the moment to decide,

In the strife of truth and falsehood,

For the good or evil side;

Some great cause, some great decision,

Off'ring each the bloom or blight,

And the choice goes by forever

'Twixt that darkness and that light.

2 Then to side with truth is noble,

When we share her wretched crust,

Ere her cause bring fame and profit,

And 'tis prosperous to be just;

Then it is the brave man chooses

While the coward stands aside,

Till the multitude make virtue

Of the faith they had denied.

I often thought of these words while watching the House Judiciary Committee members' presentations on Feb. 10 and 11, which included real-time footage picturing the mayhem unleashed by then President Trump's lies about the election and finally his exhortations to the crowd on Jan. 6.

And, since I presume to know that Arkansas senators will vote to acquit, I cannot be more concerned about the fate of democracy in our country. History tells us about senators who have done the right thing, sometimes at personal cost. Our senators seem unwilling to face the consequences of the decision they are called to make. This decision will be the one for which they will be held accountable by history, if, in fact, our democracy lasts.

Ann Hair

Hot Springs

Country lost to greed

Dear editor:

It is absolutely unreal that, in this age of knowledge and vast access to accurate information, our once proud USA has been taken over by the lies, deceitfulness, fact-less rumors and graft of the Trump Republicans (TRs). Mr. Cherry's recent letter is full of these "popular myths," ending in his statement "it is not racism, it is liberalism." A major point for many to come to grips with is that our census date shows, beginning in 2016, white deaths exceeded white births in the United States. Emigrants originally built our great country and now different emigrants must sustain it. If our total population declines, we will not be able to sustain an economy or workforce, including the military which protects us from outside invaders.

Now that Trump has been exonerated (for stirring up a riot that attempted to kill congressmen and by the same poison minded TRs that refused to limit his extraordinary power grab while president) we may be headed for the forceful overthrow of our sovereign government! The TRs may well win the House in 2022 and regain the presidency in 2024, all with "fair elections" from many state voter law changes. A Trump-like dictator may then soon emerge over our nation. May God bless what will be left of our once proud nation. Please wake up and find the truths; don't let the lies, greed, and rumors destroy what has been built since 1776.

Jim Pumphrey

Garland County

'Thanks' to St. Vincent

Dear editor:

Kudos to CHI St. Vincent, Dr. Ross, nurses and all the volunteers who worked the COVID vaccine center. They were seamless! Both times, we were in and out within 30 minutes of our appointed times. They are to be commended for their friendliness, efficiency and service to our community.

Susi and Bill Reinhardt

Hot Springs

Suggested reading

Dear editor:

Just a note to Edward K. "Rick" Cherry: You may want to read or reread Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," as a "wake up" reminder to yourself.

R. Bruce Smith

Hot Springs

'Perpetual victims'

Dear editor:

I thought Rick Cherry's letter in this paper was perfect. I would add that the left has used the power of the federal government to keep Blacks broke and uneducated, therefore dependent on government since LBJ's programs. Now that Donald Trump has shown many that they don't have to live like that, the left is attempting to convince them that they are perpetual victims of "systematic racism" which, of course, doesn't exist.

Eventually, this farce will collapse, but it is disturbing that so many are participating. What you never see are polls indicating what percent of the Black populace approve of "woke" white liberals speaking for them. Perhaps Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell have a better take on escaping the ghetto.

Tom Koski

Hot Springs Village

Not necessarily a bad word

Dear editor:

Well, Larry Bauer got it wrong for the umpteenth time! Those who read only selective columnists remain uneducated to facts.

I do agree with Larry that some indoctrination in public schools is bad. However, indoctrination itself is not a bad word. We want our students indoctrinated in the benefits of capitalism, in the love of democratic principles, in the adoration of our founding, in the promotion of our 1789 Constitution and its various amendments and especially its Bill of Rights.

The example Larry gives of the parents rising up in indignation of the teaching of "white privilege" is exactly the kind of "power of the people" that Cal Thomas was alluding to in his Jan. 31 article, promoting home schooling.

As ultra-right-wing writers do, Larry then wants to blame all our increased crime and drugs on "removal of the Bible" from public schools. And what do private schools do with this issue? Many are faith-based and therefore heavily indoctrinate their students with one theological point of view.

In the first place, the Bible has ever been banned from public education. Teaching the Bible from only one point of view is, of course, biased teaching. What was banned by the Supreme Court was required memorized prayer, presenting one point of view. The New Testament gospel says that Jesus taught. "Do not pray as the Pharisees do to be seen and heard. Go into your closet and pray in secret." Silent prayer by students and faculty has not been banned. I suggest that Larry do more of it if he is so concerned about the evils of public education.

John W. "Doc" Crawford

Hot Springs


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