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Wednesday's Letters to the editor

OPINION February 17, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

Library a gift to community

Dear editor:

The Garland County Library should be lauded for the service it provides. I have rented 40 movies from the library that have been both entertaining and informative. I've been enchanted with the British mystery series, of which there are many, and most with a great sense of humor. I usually have to turn up the volume to understand the dialogue. Those UK citizens still don't have a knack for pronouncing the English language.

The well-trained library staff is exceptionally service-oriented. They treat me with respect and affection, knowing that I don't have a clue as to how to negotiate all those books and "lingo-markings." Who on earth figured out how to keep up with all that material? One plus one doesn't equal two at the library, to my way of thinking. The DVD section is well marked, however, and I usually find a treasure to mine in that large section.

The GCL also borrows from other libraries to get the item you need and if approved they will order a movie you desire. I have a movie on order that is being purchased by the library at my request.

The "Friends of the Library" have a room where books, DVDs, audiotapes, etc., can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. I frequent this section and find many treasures. This activity makes gift buying easy.

The rented audiobooks help make my workout session more pleasant. Actually, I look forward to hearing the next chapter of the book and therefore I'm working out more often. I buy many audiobooks in the Friends section.

Donate your books, DVDs, audiobooks, videotapes to the GCL. You may be giving a gift that will change a life. Wouldn't that put a smile on your face?

Shirley C. Miller

Hot Springs

Information highway

Dear editor:

What an interesting story about the internet in Sunday's paper.

We would call a country without running water a third-world country.

The pandemic in America proved how tragic life is in America without internet service. Kids can't keep up with their education without a connection.

The elderly can't get groceries or see a doctor without a connection.

Apparently, if you don't have a connection, then you can't get a COVID vaccine.

Maybe it is time that the internet is treated like a utility.

I believe our electrical system could house small Wi-Fi receptors that could create an information highway that will allow all Americans to have a connection to the internet.

If you want more service, then there will always be options to get more service. But no one should be left to die or to suffer because they do not have access to water or a connection.

Unfortunately, we live in Corporate We Serve America and they do not want that nor the politicians, who have been bought.

Maybe Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft could join forces and create an information highway.

After all, they have trillions of dollars and this could be a huge economic benefit to the American economy. Only time will tell as America becomes a third world country filled with have nots being told how to live by the 1%.

Michael P. Lucas

Hot Springs

The republic remains

Dear editor:

A very smart person once said to me, "Every human has value." "What about Hitler?" I retorted. Her response: "If for no other reason, one can always serve as a negative example." As American president, Donald Trump has proved beyond any doubt that he will forever serve in that role.

Though besting 16 Republican primary opponents, Trump lost the 2016 general election popular tally by a record 2.9 million votes. Narcissistic fiat and chaos reigned for the next four years. Along the way, he made history by never achieving 50% popular approval. He then lost the 2020 presidential popular election by a new record 7 million votes, as well as the electoral college. Not satisfied, Trump rejected the clear results and filed more than 50 lawsuits in a futile effort to remain in office. This, despite appointing many of the federal judges who ruled against him. But the greatest Trump anti-democratic historical action came on Jan. 6, when he set his "Proud Boys" loose to attack the Capitol to kill, maim and destroy in still another endeavor to keep power. In the aftermath, he became the only president to be impeached twice.

Supported by what George Will calls the Senate Republican "lout caucus," Trump again escaped conviction and disqualification from future office, though the vote to hold him responsible was the most bipartisan in impeachment history.

The Donald Trump presidency stands as the greatest internal assault on America since the Civil War. Still, our democracy held firm. Take heart Americans of all political stripe and fair mind! Our republic remains! And, via his own recorded words and actions, we have added a negative example. From which all future Americans can learn.

Steven Rittenmeyer

Hot Springs Village


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