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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION February 21, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

Warming center heroes

Dear editor:

This week, as temperatures fell and snow levels rose, our undersheltered and homeless neighbors were invited to a 24/7 warming shelter at First United Methodist Church.

On Feb. 13, there were about 20 people sleeping on American Red Cross cots. As the days passed, the number rose to 70, with even more coming in for a warm meal, a coat, or a change of clothes. Nobody was turned away. Donations poured in from all over Hot Springs, including clothes, blankets, shoes, food, tents and tarps. Barbers and doctors volunteered their services. The HSPD maintained a presence. Volunteers sorted donations, served food, visited with guests, and ran errands for the organizers.

In addition to FUMC's provision of the facilities, three particular women deserve to be recognized by the community for their tireless work. Dr. Sally Carder, outreach coordinator with St. Luke's Episcopal Church, stayed at the shelter around the clock, working nonstop to make sure every neighbor's needs were met and everyone was greeted with a smile and a caring word. Kim Carter, executive director of Cooperative Christian Ministries Clinic, and her staff were on hand daily, helping neighbors find housing, apply for crucial documents, receive medical care, and obtain services. Trish Nooner with Full Circle Mission was also on-site full-time, helping to meet the needs of the guests as they arrived, visiting with them, and communicating with her mission team about urgent needs.

I was humbled to be one of their volunteers this week and to laugh, cry and rejoice with them. Sally, Kim and Trish have demonstrated the absolute best of Hot Springs this week.

Haley Villines

Hot Springs

'Dog bites man'

Dear editor:

Here's a "dog bites man" scenario for you: The mob boss beat the rap. Who'd a-thunk it?

Only the population, from coast to coast, and sea to shining sea, as I see.

And, don't it beat all, Arkansas gets more than its fair share of the "credit' as it turned out. What's that you say? How can that be?

Of course, we all know about Tom Cotton and John Boozman, and their predictable votes for the boss man. Well, Arkansas can also lay claim to another pair of voters: Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, born in Springdale, and Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, born in Camden.

One wonders if any other states can claim four such distinguished voters in the Senate?

Jack W. Hill


Time to move on

Dear editor:

The former president and many of his supporters still maintain that Biden did not win the election and that there was a massive amount of voter fraud. Yet, there were over 60 court challenges that found no factual grounds to support the claims of fraud on a scale that would change the results of the election. Recounts were done in several key locations and in the entire state of Georgia, and votes were confirmed accurate.

The former president's own Department of Homeland Security found that the elections were the most secure in U.S. history. His own Justice Department reviewed the election results and said that there was no evidence of fraud on a large enough scale to affect the outcome of the presidential election. All 50 states, with both Democratic and Republican governments, certified the election results.

At this point, one might ask the question as to whether the former president really believes there was massive voter fraud? If so, is he delusional and is he no longer rational? Or could it be some sort of con (like Trump University), and is the former president deliberately misleading his supporters? Whether delusion or con, it may be time for the rest of us to move on.

Jesse Davis

Hot Springs

'Phony' racism

Dear editor:

I see at least one person in Garland County was just as irritated as I was by the phony racism accusation inherent in the front-page story of The Sentinel-Record this past week. Systemic racism is a false and unsupportable concept intended to blame all problems in the Afro-American community on the white race as well as the economic and political institutions of this country.

The problems in the Afro-American community are caused a number of sociological issues largely centered on the breakdown of the traditional family. This results in single women raising out of wedlock children who have minimal moral instruction and virtually no positive male influence on the children. The result is poverty and young males who commit crime like the two males whose pictures were on the front page of last Tuesday's paper.

Census statistics indicate that less 30% of Afro-Americans are married and over 50% have never married. Hispanics' have a similar low marriage rate. We are all aware of the significant reduction in church attendance which has reduced the opportunity to be exposed to moral standards. Without being taught a sense of personal responsibility we have young men like the two mentioned earlier.

A number of prominent individuals have strongly disagreed with those who promote this false concept. I suggest you read the writings of Walter Williams, economist and political commentator; Thomas Sowell, economist and political commentator who also has written on the same topic; Larry Elder, who has a radio talk show; Candance Owens; Ben Carson, former HHS secretary; and Sen. Tim Scott. All are Afro-American and all disagree with promoting systemic racism. I recommend you listen to a short video on this subject ( by Dr. Carol Swain.

Those who support this falsehood are merely peddling another form of racism; only now it is emanating from the minority community. How sad!

Dennis L. Bosch

Hot Springs

China's payroll

Dear editor:

This letter is in reply to Darryl Foshee's letter of Feb. 8 printed in The Sentinel-Record. Mr. Foshee wants Hunter Biden to return money he received back to communist China, implying he received the money from the communist government and that he, Biden, was on China's payroll.

Here is a small list of American companies that do business with communist China: Apple, Nike, Starbucks, Boeing, Proctor & Gamble, Texas Instruments Cummins, General Motors and McDonalds.

Mr. Foshee, do you think that these companies need to give back the money they have made to communist China? Are they on the China's payroll also? Yes indeed, inquiring minds want to know.

Dick Mattson

Hot Springs


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