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Masks are a civic duty

Dear editor:

A recent article in your paper reported there was a group of lawyers who were organizing to litigate against the governor to stop the mandatory wearing of masks in public. If this is in the works, it is mind boggling! Have these attorneys no clients? Do they realize what impact this will have on this terrible plague? Have they nothing to do but try and prolong this spreading of a very potent disease that has taken the lives of thousands of Arkansans?

How could attorneys with legitimate law degrees do something so stupid and useless?

As in the movie "Forest Gump," the character so honestly stated "stupid is as stupid does." Should the Arkansas Bar Association consider disbarment, or at least a reprimand those in their own flock?

I hate wearing a mask when I go out in public, as I am sure almost everyone does. But I wear one to keep me and my family safe as well as other human beings. I consider it a civic duty just as I would if I had to avoid people because I had leprosy!

Those old enough to remember World War II know we all had to save rubber bands, newspaper, tin cans, etc. for the war effort. We used ration cards to buy gasoline and other items. Also, we practiced wearing gas masks and hiding under our desks in a mock air raid. That was all part of being a patriot. We didn't even think our civil liberties were being threatened. But to refuse to wear a mask during the COVID virus threat is anti-American and a disgrace to all those hardworking caregivers and to families who have lost loved ones. Is that too much to ask?

Maybe ask this bunch of "deplorables," as Hillary Clinton would call them.

We are now in a new year with hopes and prayers that we can defeat this virus and start going out with friends, attending large gatherings, getting back to work, school, start traveling and enjoying the opportunity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

Finally, for those reading this letter, "ask what you can do for your city, your state, your country."

It could just save your life!

R. Bruce Smith

Hot Springs

Party choices

Dear editor:

Just a brief reply to Mr. Cherry's retort to my Dec. 27 letter. Rick, space did allow me to point out specifically so many half-truths in your missive. Virtually every line you wrote was either misinformation or half-truth. I refrained from saying "fabrications."

And please do not ask me to change party. I spent my first 30 voting years as a Republican because I had grown up in Arkansas observing how Democrats promised Blacks the moon and never delivered. I worked in a grocery during high school and sold thousands of items to Blacks but they could not sit beside me in a restaurant and share the food they had cooked. The Demos never voted for one civil rights bill, until Lyndon Johnson initiated one in the '60s. But at that time the Republicans, who deserted the Blacks back in the early '20s, began deserting them again by promoting private schools and school vouchers. Finally, though reluctant, Southern Democrats took the role the GOP dropped in civil rights and justice for all. So, for the last 25 years, I have supported them. I have seen in my 84-plus years drastic changes in both parties and now prefer the platform of the Democrats. This year, the GOP did not even have a platform because the Republican Party has become a mixture of "tea party radicalism" and younger ones who know little about political history. Historical education would profit many of them.

No, Rick, I think as Shakespeare's mother of Hamlet said, when her son was seeking the truth, "I think you do protest too much."

With thanks to God and wonderful, dedicated science minds, I hope for a better New Year for all.

John W. "Doc" Crawford

Hot Springs

Control of the Senate

Dear editor:

If the Republicans do not win the two Senate seats in Georgia on Wednesday, the liberal/socialist Democrats will control the Senate, the House, and the White House. Basically, they will have total unchecked control of the United States government.

They have pledged to pack the Supreme Court with liberals, increasing its size from nine to 13. Also, they have promised to increase the size of the Senate with four more liberal senators by making the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico states.

On their agenda is the abolition of the electoral college, a controversial entity that actually protects the less-populated states from being swamped in the presidential elections by the highly populated states.

As an added insult to equitable interpretation of the law, they intend to increase the number of liberal circuit court judges with easy confirmation by the Democrat-controlled Senate.

It is my opinion that true democracy in the United States will disappear and we will see an increased culture of entitlements, increased lawlessness, and mob control by those who claim to be "woked."

John Grillo

Hot Springs

Vaccine plan needed

Dear editor:

Every day I read articles describing the number of COVID victims and deaths, scores of articles about the 5,900-page economic relief plan. It seems the public would be better served by a detailed plan on vaccine distribution. I cannot find anything approaching this either from the federal government or from our own state governor.

Simply study those infected and put the focus on those numbers using the volume of vaccines allotted. With all the false information about COVID a logical simple statement of distribution would be welcomed.

Bill Fritz

Hot Springs Village

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