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'Double jeopardy'

Dear editor:

After the shameful events in the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, it should be clear to one and all that it's time to trot out some "double jeopardy" for President Trump.

"Times a-wastin'," as some cartoon character has said, and in the time before noon on Jan. 20, there's no telling what diabolical, demented mischief Trump might dream up next, so let's encourage another impeachment of this dangerous creature. It should be easy for the Democratically controlled House of Representatives to set the stage, and this time, maybe, just maybe, the Senate can look at the man and his crimes in a new light. Is inciting a riot enough of a "high crime" or at least a "misdemeanor" to do the job and send Trump off early into his long-overdue exile?

Maybe Mitt Romney will have company this time in doing what needs to be done, both for now and for the sake of the historical record.

Since a likely arrest awaits him, chances are he will likely flee the jurisdictions that will be eager to take him into custody, so expect that he will once again be busying himself setting up a "Miss Russia" competition in a land that may also need another golf course, if it even has one now.

Jack W. Hill


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