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Contrasting protests

Dear editor:

Seems a theme in Sunday's paper which I've heard echoed by TV pundits, with thousands of Trump supporters rallying: Why were the Capitol Police not ready? None of them seemed to have the answer.

It's very simple; Republicans are not like those on the left. Republicans are normally law-abiding citizens who support the police. About 10 years ago, Tea Party Republicans came to DC to hold a rally. A few hundred thousand of them gathered on the Mall and when they left I heard it said you couldn't even find a gum wrapper on the ground, that's how well behaved they were. Contrast that to what we've seen recently by gatherings of leftist groups, Antifa, BLM and such and you can count on violence, destruction of property like they did in cities across the country leading up to the election.

They gathered in Lafayette Park a few months ago across from the White House they tried to breach the White House grounds. Secret Service Agents were injured, they set fire to a church, wrote offensive graffiti all over, destroyed public property, pulled down statues in cities across the country they rioted, burned buildings, looted, shot and injured numerous police. The Democrats and the lamestream media made excuses for them.

Alexander Tytler, a professor at University of Edinburgh, in the 1700s said that a democracy would only last about 200 years. Part of his reasoning was people would keep demanding more of elected officials who would oblige them 'till the country collapsed. We're a little overdue; not sure if he could envision a country being able to borrow $28 trillion, which means we're on borrowed time, as well.

I wrote a letter about a dozen years ago where I thought then we had 25 to 30 years left as a country. I may have been optimistic. I believe what we are witnessing right now is maybe evidence that the end is near. When one side does what has been done to President Trump over the last four years trying to undo his election is proof to me our nation's time is short.

Larry Bauer

Hot Springs Village

An open letter

Dear editor:

This is an open letter to my representatives in the United States Congress:

Mr. Bruce Westerman, Mr. Tom Cotton, and Mr. John Boozman. And to all the government leadership in the state of Arkansas sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Now is the time to find your courage and remember your duty to your state and this country. The people of Arkansas need honest leaders who are willing to stand before their people and avert the violence about to erupt at our state Capitol because of the lie of voter fraud.

Do not wait. Do not follow.

State unequivocally to our people: End the violence.

We conducted a fair election. Joseph Biden will be our president in eight days. Donald Trump was not reelected. Any resistance to this fact is an act against the United States of America, which is its people.

We have already witnessed the arrest of an Arkansas resident who occupied the Capitol in Washington, D.C. You have each actively and passively supported Donald Trump when you knew better.

Now is the time of your reckoning. Regardless of your personal or political conservatism, your religious affiliation, your race, or your socio-economic status, you have an oath to me and this country.

You either support democracy -- or fascism -- at this point. There is no gray area to navigate. You are a man who stands up for his convictions or you are a traitor to your office and the Constitution. In which case I invoke the 14th Amendment, Section 3 and demand your resignation. Remove Donald Trump from office now.

I sincerely pray you do the right thing. Now!

Kimberly Lew

Hot Springs

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