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Wednesday's Letter to the editor

OPINION June 23, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

A look into the future

Dear editor:

Biden will go "bye-bye." The Democrat/liberal/socialists will see to that by having him declared unfit. He has only been a "puppet" for Barack Obama -- as has Obama's other "puppet," Susan Rice.

I am not sure that Kamala Harris is a "puppet" of Obama. She might even look down her nose at Mr. Obama. Biden has served a purpose and is no longer that valuable to them. Now, he even looks weak. Kamala Harris will become president. It is very interesting to note that, when she was just a candidate, she received the second-fewest votes in the very crowded field of liberals wanting to represent the liberal establishment. Only Bernie Sanders scored less support.

Who, then, will Ms. Harris appoint as vice president? Will they be approved by the U.S. Senate? My first guess is the speaker of the house from California, Nancy Pelosi. Without her, they will still maintain control of the House and another liberal will be appointed to fill her seat. However, it gets sticky here. Without the tiebreaking vote of Ms. Harris in the Senate, the vote to approve a vice president might be a 50-50 tie, without a sitting vice president to vote on the liberal side. Is it possible that the U.S. could go two years without a sitting VP? Remember, that in the succession as provided in the Constitution, Pelosi would fall in line behind Harris.

Anyway, can you imagine the 2024 election with Harris-Pelosi representing the party that FDR once was proud of? Another option, I guess, might be for Hillary to somehow become involved again.

John Grillo

Hot Springs

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