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SENIOR SCENE: Celebrating social workers

OPINION by Angela Dugger, Hospice Home Care | March 28, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.
Angela Duggar - Submitted photo

Think of stressors in life as hot water -- would you want to be a carrot, egg or coffee bean?

Carrots, in hot water, become soft and weak when the environment heats up. Eggs in hot water become hard and brittle. However, coffee beans demonstrate the ability to overcome hot water challenges by transforming their environment.

Tough days happen when our response is to feel mushy or hardened. Better to be a coffee bean and choose to overcome challenges with goodness.

Every week, Hospice Home Care's team works hard to transform challenging environments by doing good. During March, we celebrate social workers who care for patients and family's emotional and social well-being. They exemplify changing the environment by using their impact and influence. They are extra special human "beans" for sure.

Choose to be like the mighty coffee bean, let your goodness and optimism seep out into the world. Focus outside yourself and choose to help others.


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