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SENIOR SCENE: Summer still a hungry time

OPINION by Janie Smith Helping Others at Jackson House | May 30, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.
Janie Smith - Submitted photo

Summer is still a hungry time.

It's interesting that people think that hunger is a bigger issue in winter than in summer. People of all ages need to eat! Not only for growth, cognitive functioning for living and work, but pregnant mothers and elderly need to eat well-rounded nutritious foods for health.

I met a sweet older lady who was terribly thin. I asked her if she was always thin or if she had a health issue. Her answer was no. Then, she sighed, and told me that she couldn't afford to shop for groceries after paying for her medicine! I worked with her to make sure she had a variety of sources for food starting with plenty from Jackson House right then (groceries and lunch)!

Eating well has no season. Many people are food insecure. It's a country of waste and too little at the same time. Help us to make sure no one goes hungry for Any reason. every item, every dollar, every person counts. Visit, call 501-623-4048, or come by 705 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs.


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