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The Photo Finishers

Family Owned Business May 30, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.
Waco Hill, right, and Sandy Rader. - Submitted photo

Do you have photos and videos you want printed, digitized, transferred or restored? Need some new gear for your camera or want to take better photographs? The Photo Finishers is for you.

Visit your local photography experts at 1819 Albert Pike Suite F. Serving Hot Springs since 1996, we solve photo problems with a smile and a guarantee.

Videotapes to DVD and USB

The Photo Finishers can transfer VHS, VHS-C, 8-mm, Beta, Mini DV and almost any format to a DVD that will play on any DVD player.

"We have been doing film to video and video slideshows since very early on, and we have continued to invest in new technology and training to provide services for all the new digital video file formats as well as the capability to migrate all the memories we have stored on film and analog media to modern storage devices such as DVD and USB.

"We also do quite a bit of video from phones to DVD so you can watch them on your TV and save them in case your phone gets damaged."

Yes, We have a real portrait studio with traditional backgrounds and props. Old school.

Portraits at Forever Yours Studio (a traditional true portrait studio located inside The Photo Finishers) available as printed portraits or digital files. Working by appointment, in studio sessions are fast and fun. We print all your portrait on real traditional Kodak Paper right here in the store. All photography work is guaranteed by the "100% You will Love them or Don't Pay a Dime" guarantee.

Have old slides?

We can digitize them, print them, create a digital slideshow to watch on your TV or all of the above.

Yes! We process and print film, right inside our store!

The Photo Finishers has processed and printed film and negatives from almost the beginning of photography. Large color and black and white negatives, glass negatives, tin types, Oval prints and everything in between.

"We started out with just a couple of machines processing 35 mm, 110, 126 amateur film and medium format (120 and 220 mm) professional films, and we still process those formats in color and black and white. Just like the old days, we still analyze every negative for color and density to make our clients prints the best that they can be. In addition to printing, we can digitize and archive old negatives and prints for archival storage on drives or disks. In fact, we can even process and print old film and formats."

Printing from digital cameras, cards, phones and drives

These days, digital cameras are everywhere even in our phones. The Photo Finishers can print from most any digital source including the files from phones, digital cameras and cards.

"It can be very challenging and frustrating for someone who is not a 'techie' to understand how to get the images off their devices so they can share, preserve and print them. Our clients send us images to print via our website, on flash drives and we take them directly off phones and cameras in the store, printing everything from wallet size up to posters in house."

Old Photos Copied and Restored from any size original photo or artwork.

Custom-sized professional poster and enlargement printing is available at the Albert Pike location, as well full-service old photocopy and restoration services.

"We have copied original photographs from tiny locket size up to 3-plus feet and made them look better than new, so we really are not limited as some other labs might be by original size or condition." Whatever the job, if it's photographic or Video we can do it.

Want to be a better photographer?

"Cameras are advertised as simple, but do you find the results are not what you hoped for? It's not your fault, you just need someone to share the tricks of the trade with you. PHOTOMakers Quick Start Live Events will begin again as soon as the COVID-19 calms down."

Quick Starts are two fast-paced fun hours where pro photographers share basic and advanced tips and tricks that get you up to speed on your equipment.

We do everything that other labs and studios do and a whole lot more. For over 24 years, The Photo Finishers have been located at 1819 Albert Pike, Suite F, in Hot Springs.

Bring your projects to The Photo Finishers today. Call 501-624-4029 or visit


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