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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION November 14, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

A better place for all

Dear editor:

Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic wants to congratulate the Hot Springs Area Community Foundation, its founders, board members, donors, fund holders, community leaders, local financial advisers, and their executive director, Joyce Whitfield, for their "30 Years of Smart Giving and Building a Better Community."

Through their tireless efforts as a community foundation, over the past 30 years, they have given almost $18 million dollars in grants to area nonprofits. Through their foundation and collaborations, they have invested in our community to make it a better place for all.

CCMC was honored to partner with HSACF through their #SupportSpaCity food relief program when the needs of our community, at the onset of the pandemic, became urgent. The Chamber of Commerce also participated in that program. On Tuesday, HSACF distributed 60 grants that totaled over $210,000. CCMC was honored to be one of those grant recipients. This grant will enable us to provide mobile advocacy out in the community for our underserved, under-resourced neighbors and to install in-house computer stations to assist them as they seek vital resources to achieve greater stability.

Our community is blessed to have such hardworking visionaries who put their influence and assets to work. They do so in a way that creates space for nonprofits who serve in a variety of areas -- from humanitarian aid to the arts. Nonprofits have found a friend through HSACF who partner with organizations to help make a difference. Thank you Joyce and HSACF for your dedication to make this world better. Also, congratulations to the 60 fellow grant recipients and the work each one does to improve the quality of life in this lovely place we call home.

Kim Carter

CCMC executive director

Poor representation

Dear editor:

I haven't written a letter to the editor in many years, but in recent days I realize that I don't have to just bite my tongue when it seems that Arkansas is not being well represented in Washington, D.C.

We may be a red state but we don't have to put up with leaders wanting the administration to fail. In failure, we all fail. When Bruce Westerman failed to vote for the infrastructure bill he's voting against Arkansas' best interests. And don't get me started on Tom Cotton! Every time I see him on TV either rudely confronting AG Garland over investigating threats against school board members or saying that the head of the teachers' union, who doesn't have children, can't know what's best for children I want to throw up.

Do better for Arkansas, y'all.

Linda Koehn

Hot Springs

GOP loses way

Dear editor:

Decisions are easy when your God is money and your religion is greed.

The GOP has lost its sanity. They are vengeful, vindictive, and against wearing masks, vaccination, and businesses being able to ensure a healthy and safe workforce. They are against voter and women's rights and science, and have traded their Christianity for conservatism. They supported increasing the debt ceiling for Trump to give $2 trillion to the rich, and gave him uncontrolled spending to benefit the rich at the expense of others. The Trump presidency increased the national debt by $7.2 trillion.

They are supportive and complicit of the illegal and unethical activities then and now. They are against increasing the audits for the rich and the prevention of hiding income in offshore accounts. They are for billionaires paying only 8.2% income tax while the middle class picks up the tax burden, and sinks into poverty.

They are for: gerrymandering, realigning voter districts to give the Republicans a biased voter advantage, blocking voters, appointing biased judges and diluting education support. They support corporations avoiding taxes and fail to require them to pay their share. They play politics and stonewall progress at the expense of what is best for this nation. They violate their oath of office without accountability.

There is no reason sane people with values, morals, and ethics should support the GOP.

Jerry Davis

Hot Springs

Reason, not emotion

Dear editor:

I get very tired of reading our elected Republican Senators and Reps being so negative about our president and his agenda. I do hope they have read the latest job report: October employment rose to 531,000 new jobs, and unemployment is down to 4.6%. Of course, they will surely not be positive about these figures. I don't think God Himself appearing with good news would cause them any joy.

And now that 13 Republicans thinking "reason" instead of "Trump emotion" voted with the Democrats to pass the structure bill in the House, a bill already passed by bipartisan votes in the Senate, there should be some smiles by those GOP who refused to put away partisan animosity, but I doubt seriously there will be. Some politicians, like some ordinary citizens, seem to enjoy negative living.

There is an old World War II song that many in our great country need to learn and sing. The tune is easy. The words are not difficult: "You gotta accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, and don't mess with mister in between." As the Christophers have said since the '40s, "It's better to light ONE candle than walk in darkness."

I find it difficult since the Prince of Darkness became their Messiah to believe that the majority of the GOP want to walk in the light of the smallest candle. Thank God for the few who believe that being more united will eventually make a country with the sun at its fullest.

John W. "Doc" Crawford

Hot Springs

More thoughts

Dear editor:

I would like to comment on the submission to your paper, "Food for thought" from Mr. Foshee on Nov. 7. After reading his self-proclaimed "fleeting thoughts" I had a thought. "Paranoia-based Pablum" would have been a more appropriate title.

I would also like to ask Mary why she has no problem with "45" ignoring the courts. What is he trying to hide? And what in the world is a "socialist vaxxed marionette"?

Gary Vogt

Hot Springs Village

Foster a kitten

Dear editor:

Make Thanksgiving special this year by adding a cute cuddly kitten to your home.

Hot Springs Animal Services has more than 20 kittens, some very small, that would add a special meaning to Thanksgiving. The shelter's annual adoption drive is Dec. 10, but the kittens need your love now. You can always foster kittens. Please spay and neuter all pets.

Christie Eddlemon



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