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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION October 10, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

Foundation says 'thank you'

Dear editor:

On behalf of the Faces Foundation, we want to personally thank everyone involved in the successful outcome of our Second Annual Gowns & Boots Bash fundraising event held at Crystal Ridge Distillery. The success of this event would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our sponsors, donors, volunteers as well as the individuals that attended and participated in this amazing evening.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the support of the Bradley family and their incredible facility, Crystal Ridge Distillery. The level of culinary selections were second to none, many considered it some of the best ever at any event, thanks to Millie and Ambrosia Bakery, Mackenzie and Fat Bottomed Girl's Cupcake Shoppe, Chef Rosario -- Personal Chef and Caterer, Amanda and Steinhaus Keller, the Avenue and Rooftop with Chef Brian, the Vault featuring Chef Andrew and Joe and Penny at The Porterhouse. Please support these individuals and restaurants and thank them again on the Faces Foundation's behalf.

Jacob Flores was the night's entertainment and he was amazing as both the singer and the emcee. Great job and thank you Jacob.

A special thanks to our all of our sponsors -- Scott Dews, First Security Bank, Anita Cabe, the Cabe Foundation, Dr. Lance Porter, Porter Dental, Diamond Networx, Larry Wilson, Wilson Entertainment & Consulting, Jared Zeiser, Zeiser Wealth Management, Susanne and Dr. Earl Babbie, Dorothy Morris, Brad and Stacy Hudgens, John Hoefl, Aspire Wealth Builders, Diamond Dance Co., Sara Robbins, Matt Cox, Cox Auctioneers, Todd Green, Relyance Bank, Karen Stuckey, Joe Kanopsic, Twins Barbershop, Corey Alderdice, and Kay Ekey.

Also, a very special thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, Lara Pranter, Lara's Jewelry & Design as well as: Josh Gosh Gossage, Bobby Dennis, Aspire Wealth Builders, Rosario Private Chef & Catering, Arego's, Trader Bills, Cox Auctions, Just Like New, Straight Shot Photography, Your CBD store, Michael Mueller, Whiteaker Home Org. Solutions, Davis Design, Camme Decker, Sandy Sutton, the Hot Broadcasting Network, and our host Crystal Ridge Distillery as well as the many other additional "in-kind" sponsors.

Events like this are only possible because of the hard work of volunteers -- Melanie McElrath, Kimberly Hillestad, Rollin Caristianos, Vicki Hinz, Shawn and J.T. Whiteaker, Matt and Echo Cox, Trudy Hoskins, Seth Perryman, Bobby Dennis and a very special thank you to Jennifer and Aaron Varney for their perseverance and immeasurable hard work throughout this event.

A final thanks to all of you in the community and throughout the state that attended the second annual Gowns & Boots Bash. Thank you for supporting the Faces Foundation and our vision of "Changing Lives One Face at a Time."

Dr. Daron Praetzel

Ernie Hinz

Hot Springs

BB incident concerning

Dear editor:

As a citizen, I am greatly concerned with the attitude of the Hot Springs School District in the recent incident in which a student "was inadvertently struck " by rounds from a CO2-powered BB gun.

The fact that the school's public relations coordinator admitted that no public statement was made to parents or students because "it was an isolated incident and no one else's safety was at risk." What about the safety of the student who was struck? How did the school know it was an isolated incident and no one else's safety was at risk if they are still investigating? What was that weapon doing on campus and how did these kids get to "horsing around" with it and no adults intervene? Are the students who were horsing around with this weapon going to face criminal charges? Will they be allowed to continue attending school and if so what guarantee is there that this won't happen again?

I expect more of the administration and hope that they will do a better job with safety. I also hope that they put a stop to the bullying and harassment that the injured student is having to endure now.

Sign me a concerned and fed-up citizen.

Sharon Parrett

Hot Springs

Taxpayers' rights

Dear editor:

Because angry parents are pushing back on objectionable curriculums, subject matter, and an explicit contempt for elected officials, Democrats have decided to circle their wagons around school boards.

During the gubernatorial debate in Virginia, Terry McAuliffe showed his natural totalitarian instincts when he said "I don't think parents should be telling schools, what they should teach." Seriously, we pay for these schools as taxpayers and our taxes pay for the salaries of these educators. How dare civic-minded parents demand the right to give their input into what is taught to their children.

The Department of Justice is taking their contempt for parental civic engagement even further. In a memo, they have threatened civic-minded parents with the same consequences as the politicized criminal investigations that have kept the FBI very busy since Jan. 6. The memo talks about the disturbing trend of protesting parents, what about the disturbing trend of a 30% jump in murder rates? That disturbing trend doesn't include investigating cartels, fentanyl dealers and the total disappearance of a southern border. They are addressing something very important to the Democrats, a citizen uprising that threatens the left's stranglehold on control of the schools. The memo uses terms like "hate" and "harass" to criminalize citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to petition their government.

Parents have the right to express their viewpoints on what is being taught to their children, the taxpayers are who pay for public schools and the left needs to remember that.

Rebecca Tracy

Hot Springs

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