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Sunday's Letters to the editor

September 12, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

'Excessive' speed

Dear editor:

Hopefully, this letter will get to the agency or office that handles speeding on certain roadways.

Lakeside Road is hilly and curvy with speed limit signs of 30 or 35 mph posted from the country club to the school, but definitely not enforced. This road is heavily traveled when school starts and people who travel this road are concerned for the safety of themselves and the children. If you consider all the side streets and subdivisions, in addition to all the cut-thru traffic, there is a lot.

Please just enforce the speed limit before something tragic happens.

Mavis Hardwick

Hot Springs

Earn, rather than receive

Dear editor:

In 1934, when I started school, a lunch of soup was offered for 5 cents a day or 15 cents a week. I chose to eat a warm bowl of soup rather than a cold syrup and biscuit sandwich, however, as one of nine children soup money was not always available.

In 1935, I was 7 years old when the Works Progress Administration, (WPA), survival assistance program was implemented by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Survival assistance to millions, mostly to men who were unskilled and poorly educated, was provided by the WPA. However, the WPA assistance did not resemble the so-called entitlement "handout" programs we have today. WPA workers earned the assistance they received. ("Government assistance should be the last choice" and never become a permanent crutch for the able-bodied.)

WPA workers built airports, hospitals, roads, bridges, public parks, and post office buildings. Some major WPA achievements were the construction of the Washington Tunnel, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Coulee Dam, the highway from Miami to Key West and the Tennessee Valley Project, (TVA). Wikipedia reports that the highest WPA employment was 3.3 million, in 1938.

WPA work kept thousands of men from being homeless and enabled them to provide for themselves, as well as their families. Another important benefit was a restored sense of hope. WPA work reduced crime, because, after a hard day's work, a man is more likely to be interested in a place to rest or sleep, than a place to rob or steal. "Idle hands are the devil's workshop"

Certainly, we all agree that no U.S. citizen should be without the necessities of life; however, shouldn't able-bodied people be required to earn those necessities, rather than receive them as handouts? Today, our roads, bridges and parks are badly in need of repair, while many able-bodied people are receiving funds without being required to work.

Aren't the majority of crimes committed by unemployed, able-bodied people who live off drug sales or handouts, and have nothing to do except prowl around in boredom?

Couldn't "entitlement" funds, now being given to able-bodied people, be better utilized to pay them to work on our country's infrastructure?

Isn't, what socialists call liberal compassion, just another power-grabbing endeavor?

Robert (Bob) Sowell

Hot Springs

Freedom's last call

Dear editor:

Communism is a destructive ideology. There is no such thing as a "worker's paradise" with no social classes. What the old U.S.S.R. created had all been an illusion, a place where fear and force had been the means for it to survive. This so-called classless society evolved into haves and have-nots. The Webster's Dictionary states Communism eliminates private property, goods are owned in common and available to all as needed. The ruling privileged enjoyed the best, and everyone else fought over the leftovers. Far from everyone owning everything, a select few enjoyed it all. Only lies had kept the masses from revolting, along with daily doses of terror and violence. Thoughts from Steve Berry's book, "The 14th Colony."

A quote from Thomas Jefferson, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have." Are you sure you want socialism which leads to communism? Compare this summary with those who call themselves the "elite" the ruling class, those who control our government today. Handing out "stimulus money" (which many people really didn't need), demanding the "mask mandate," forcing our people they must get the shot, closing down businesses is only the beginning -- more to come.

Craig Joyner

Hot Springs

Thoughts on abortion

Dear editor:

The latest attack on female rights coming from Texas took an unusual approach by pro-life folk in a very small town on the border of Louisiana, the town of Waskom, population 1,600, and a town with no abortion clinic. To prevent the city from being accessible to lawsuits, the ordinance prohibits any city official from enforcing the abortion ban. Rather, it allows any "private citizen" to sue anyone performing an abortion or assisting in any way with one.

Thirty-six other Texas cities developed a similar ordinance, and Mark Dickson, a Southern Baptist minister, favoring the Waskom ordinance, contacted Bryan Hughes, state senator, who in turn used Jonathan Mitchell as his attorney to develop the state ordinance, titled S.B.8. Dubious as some may consider the ordinance, "statutes that establish private rights of actions" are almost impossible to challenge. Five other Republican-controlled states have public officials considering pushing similar bills: Florida, Indiana, North and South Dakota, and Arkansas.

However, there are several attempts being made in various states to lessen the dramatic effect on such laws on those females wanting abortions. As a result, whether good or bad, it begins to sound like the battle against alcohol in the '20s, which eventually resulted in "prohibition," which in turn resulted in a strong increase in underworld crime, creating the "Mafia."

One plan of the pro-choice folk is to heavily advertise medicinal abortion pills, already approved by the FDA. The COVID-19 pandemic increased this method strongly. Another method is tele-abortions, promoted last year through "Hey Jane" and "Abortion on Demand" sites in 20 states. LYFT and UBER have announced covering legal fees for any driver sued for aiding a person wanting an abortion or getting pills delivered. "Hey Jane," which offers overnight delivery of pills, is about to get certified in Colorado and New Mexico to serve Texas women. There exists also "Aid Access," an international telehealth service offering pills from pharmacies from other countries, which may have questionable legality.

My point is that we may eventually see a Supreme Court decision reaffirming the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. The legal and possibly illegal actions of pro-choice groups may prove to be overwhelming to deal with. And the dedicated efforts of the pro-lifers restricting the rights of females may prove too much. As all informed folk know, FDR got prohibition repealed in the '30s after the law had caused so much illegality and confusion for more than a decade. Just some things to ponder.

John W. "Doc" Crawford

Hot Springs

Biden's big mess

Dear editor:

Sunday, 9-5, "Inheriting a mess."

Are you kidding? Is this for real? Is it April Fools day? Everything PINO Joe Biden has touched, since the "leaky toilet" on election night 2020, gave him the election (along with the other crooked con-job contrived ever since the shock in 2016 when all the attacks on Trump didn't work) has been the biggest mess of all time! Stumbling, bumbling PINO Joe, hurrah! Go, man!

A Boy Scout would know you don't remove the lion tamer before you release the lions! (Afghanistan).

No matter how much the spoiled liberals cry "We didn't do it!" Yes, you did! Defund the police! Shut down our pipeline and open Russia's -- we like $4 gas! Want an infrastructure bill where 10 cents on the dollar goes for roads, the rest for frills! Reinstate slavery, all colors and races qualify. Teach our kids nasty gender stuff! The generals they own are goofuses! Last, but not least, by any means, we support abortion, no matter what God says!

P.S.: The writer says "now the president (Biden) has to honor his (Trump's) deal (says who?) and it's his fault"? Trump's deal was "big bombs" if the Taliban tried what Biden handed them on a silver platter. "Money man" Trump would have flown out our $84 billion in equipment the same way it was flown in.

God save America! First, America honor god!

P.P.S.: Forgot PINO Joe's invitation for the world to enter at our southern border -- T-shirts wearers thanking Joe!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Charity begins at home

Dear editor:

I was glad to see the 20-year war end. It began on a divisive note and ended the same way.

We need to use those resources at home. We are a divided nation. Our capital has been attacked within our borders. Our flood victims in our own country need help. The virus has created its own disaster. Our fighters have served and died.

I have heard it said that self-preservation is the first law of nature! Charity begins at home! We have fought the fight! Blessings to all.

Hazel M. Wright

Hot Springs

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