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Sunday’s Letters to the editor

OPINION April 3, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

A center for seniors

Dear editor:

As we all know, COVID-19 has affected everyone. Now that life is normalizing, it is apparent that Hot Springs has a need in our community for our senior citizens. At one time, we had a wonderful senior center where folks could enjoy fellowship, games and meals, but no more.

As a retirement community that supports the economy of our city and county, it behooves our leaders to set up a committee to implement a plan to solve this problem. For direction, they could include committee members who have worked in this capacity. With the money generated by seniors through the hospitals, Oaklawn, restaurants and businesses, I believe they could well afford to support a senior center.

We should not ignore the needs of this group, which has generously given to this community. It is time to work together to build morale and wellness to an age group that is often overlooked. Through effort and money, they have contributed to building this great community. It is time for us to build a program supporting and honoring them.

Janet Mauk

Hot Springs

'Doin' Time for Kids'

Dear editor:

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the members of Zeta Chi, a chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha International, sponsored "Doin' Time For Kids," a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital located in Memphis, Tenn.

A very heartfelt "thank you" goes out to all the "Jailbirds" who worked so hard to meet their bail, and especially John Holt, Kathy Reed and Bill Wood who are not members of Zeta Chi. In addition, the Zeta Chi Member Jailbirds included Karen Akins, Regenia Bettis, Stephanie Fussell, Coni Hall, Roberta Hatcher, Anne Head, Peggy Holt, Ann Martin, Kathy Nichols, Jerri Roper, Joan Teague, Sharon Turrentine, Betty Wood, Ginger Yates and Shelby Church.

This past year has been very difficult for so many of us! Despite the challenges, and due to compassion and generosity, Zeta Chi was able to raise $25,024 for continuing research at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Zeta Chi is excited about the success of this project and wants to thank the community and all of those who gave to this worthwhile fundraiser.

We will be back again next year, working harder than ever!

Shelby Church, chair

Doin' Time For Kids

St. Jude Children's

Research Hospital

Hats off to C.A.P.S.

Dear editor:

Hats off to C.A.P.S. and to Michael, a remarkable employee.

Almost everyone reading this letter will know of the service to Hot Springs residents provided by C.A.P.S., Clean Attractive Property Service. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting a man whose gifts go beyond his expertise in cleaning up a pile of lumber left on the curb.

Michael (whose last name I do not know) came to do his job at the residence of my daughter and son-in-law, and we were his last stop of the day. When he arrived, driving the big dump truck, he was overwhelmed by all the junked lumber we had managed to leave on the street. I heard him say something about it being Friday, and I knew he was wishing he had help with the cleanup before him.

I, though, was fascinated. I sat on the steps of the house and watched as he skillfully managed the big jaws of his machine, raising it, lowering, scooping, shaking, raising it again dumping his load into the truck. Over and over, he worked his way to the bottom of the pile of the ton or more of wood scraps. Then he stopped, brought out a rake and with the back of it collected the pieces that were strewn and scattered from the pile.

Finally, after about 30 minutes, he was done. I wanted to let him know how appreciative I was, and I even offered him the $8 I had in my pocket to buy (as I said to him) a gallon and a half of gas. I said "I know you probably can't take this," but I wanted him to know that I knew how hard his job is. So, we started talking.

He asked me if I went to church and I said yes, sometimes. He said, take that money and put it in the offering next time you go. I said I would. Then, since he was wearing his Marines cap, I told him my husband and my late brother were both Marines. He served in the middle '70s and he joined almost on a dare, flat feet and all. He was hurting by the time his job and day were done. Yet, we both agreed that the talking was worth the time. I made a friend, and I told myself then I would call Tammy (at the C.A.P.S. office) and let her know what a special and downright decent, hardworking man they had in Michael. He even let me take his photo before he left!

Then, I decided to tell everyone my story and thank C.A.P.S. and Michael publicly in The Sentinel-Record. Thank you, Michael, my new friend.

Milly West

Hot Springs

Resort tax

Dear editor:

Here's a novel idea for you. Many vendors in tourist areas around the country offer discounts and other incentives to locals who are burdened with a tax they get no benefit from. This would be easy to do here in Hot Springs.

If you are a "tourist destination" you could give a substantial discount to those showing an Arkansas driver's license with a Garland County address. This could be a win-win for both sides. A discount for one and increased business for the other.

Dennis Hawthorne


You got what you wanted

Dear editor:

You should be enjoying inflation. You created it.

Those that want to see capitalism at work and prices based on supply and demand have what you thought you wanted. You have given special tax exemptions and economic incentives to 704 billionaires that have made $1.7 trillion since the pandemic began. You helped create 22.46 million millionaires in the U.S., with 110,850 worth over $50 million and those making over $30,000,000 increased to 610,568.

They avoid taxes with the tax loopholes passed by Congress and are supported by politicians that are supported by the rich. They control the supply and shipped our companies and natural resources to China to make higher profits for the companies and shareholders.

You supported Trump in 2020 when he pressured the Saudis to decrease oil production, to increase oil prices here, and change the citizen mindset to support more drilling and pipelines.

You got what you wanted and while you enjoy it, the middle class pays more taxes than all the rich and struggles to survive. The middle class is declining as is our democracy. A few people are calling for parity in taxation and bringing our companies back, but this will not happen. Voters support the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, and the politicians and the masses remain apathetic and indifferent to the situation.

Jerry Davis

Hot Springs

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