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Sunday’s Letters to the editor

OPINION April 24, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Kudos for closures

Dear editor:

It seems that a benefit of the pandemic is that we saw that we can do without much that we think we may need and we can get what we need with stores adjusted hours/days. I drove around and noticed many businesses and restaurants were closed for Easter.

I give kudos to the merchants that recognize the public will shop when you are open and adjust to the days you are closed. Kudos to those who close your doors to give yourself and your employees family time on holidays. Kudos also go to those who respect this nation was founded on Christian principles and close their doors on Sundays. There are numerous businesses that are proving a profit can be made when they are closed on Sundays. Personally, I miss the days when more stores were closed than were open on Sundays -- simpler times. Yes, there are times I shop on Sunday but that is not my norm -- an errand a day before or after work Monday through Friday is my weekly intention.

Thank you to the merchants who close their doors on Sundays.

Lynn Hargis

Hot Springs

'Thanks' for assistance

Dear editor:

I wish to express gratitude for all the assistance I received following my fall and injuries while at Lowe's on Monday, April 18.

I don't know any of your names but I witnessed the kindness in your hearts. You were customers including a nurse practitioner, and Lowe's employees, who recovered my possessions, controlled the bleeding, and provided reassurance until the EMT first responders arrived. The EMTs provided their usual professional compassionate care while transporting me to the hospital. I was treated and released and am now recovering.

Once again, the wisdom of our decision years ago to relocate to Hot Springs has been validated.

Thank you and God bless you all.

M.L. Clark

Hot Springs

Class of 1971 reunion

Dear editor:

The Hot Springs High School Class of 1971 50-year reunion was held on April 8 and 9 and was a great success! We had a wonderful time reconnecting with our classmates.

We want to thank Donna Bryant at Hot Springs Country Club for coordinating and helping us set up for our dinner. We also want to thank Hot Springs High School and HSSD for allowing us to have our memorial service at Mackey Theater on Saturday morning and for giving us a tour of the new Junior Academy. We want to thank Carrie Roberts, HSSD coordinator; Lee Ratcliff, IT; Kiley Simms, HSHS principal; and Adriane Barnes, Central Office.

HSHS class of 1971

Reunion Committee

c/o Linda Mullinax Thompson

and Shelly Brown Clifft

Hot Springs

Don't need a 'fighter'

Dear editor:

I read last Sunday's profile/article on local gun owner Jan Morgan and her U.S. Senate bid, and it left me with a couple of questions.

According to Morgan, one of her major issues with incumbent John Boozman is that he's a "nice guy." Well, whether I agree with Boozman's votes or policies, I will say "nice guys" are in short supply in Washington. Morgan says she will be a "fighter." So if you want someone whose sole ambition seems to be using a Facebook page to fundraise while posing with firearms and not being put on a single committee to actually accomplish anything, Arkansas could, in Morgan, have our own version of Marjorie Taylor Greene. It's not what I'm looking for, but to each his own.

What I take umbrage with are two statements Morgan made. The first was that Boozman "has voted with Biden's administration 36% of the time." Where did that number come from? She didn't say, and apparently wasn't asked for proof during the interview. As someone who follows votes, I find it hard to believe given Boozman's track record. I'd be interested to know. Later, Morgan said she would "never vote on a bill that includes a penny of funding for any abortion provider in this country." There's this thing called the Hyde Amendment she may want to check on which has prevented any federal dollars from going toward abortion funding. Been around since 1976, and it specifically prevents just that.

Unfortunately, we live in a political age in which half-truths are not considered lies in politics, they're simply business as usual, pandering to the most uneducated, single-issue voters. Whether it's Boozman or not, Arkansas, we can better than Jan.

Anthony Lloyd

Hot Springs

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