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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION January 2, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Take responsibility

Dear editor:

Look around. Signs everywhere ... "Help Wanted." Our economy in shambles. No one will work. The government (Biden) signs the worst bill in history. Filled with "pork" -- things we do not need. The middle class and the poor are going broke.

What in the world is Biden doing? He is giving our country to China. He hides out and cannot speak without teleprompters. All the while the vice president is silent, hiding, waiting unfortunately until Biden cannot do his job. AOC and her cronies have no idea what they are talking about. Lies, misnomers and flat-out stealing from our country. Marxism is running rampant in disguise. Police being attacked. Preferential treatment to illegals crossing the border. Our border was in control until Biden and his cronies took power. No COVID vaccines for those crossing illegally.

Where are we going in this country? Schools in shambles -- two, three and four years behind in reading and math. A lack of perseverance with so many students (firsthand knowledge). I wish the public would come into the schools and see the disasters that have been created across the country. If we stand by and do nothing, our future is bleak. I guess we better learn how to speak Chinese.

Please people, speak up. It is your right. It is your responsibility. This is happening at most schools in the country, not just in our county. Please take responsibility. It is your constitutional right and responsibility.

A concerned teacher.

Barry White

Hot Springs

Simple solutions

Dear editor:

I knew I was on to something when that word "starcomed" kept rolling around in my thought process.

The material keeps growing by the minute. There are simple solutions. (Put your money where your mouth is.)

The newest -- "Those who are white should be ashamed of themselves." This will work -- each one of those ashamed white people, locate a person of color who isn't as great or successful as you -- trade places with them -- home, possessions, and because they may not be financially able to support their newfound life, you continue with the same financial output, they do the same. Sound good? (Follow the leader.)

Starcomed shifty Schiff gets put through the wringer for his improvised Trump letter and his editing of Mark Meadows emails. What's good for Trump and Meadows, on falsified material, is good for shifty, the falsifier. Sound good?

Trump was lambasted for separating parents and children when the parents were charged -- ask Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Schumer and all the other starcomed, "Where is your concern for the thousands of children, (not yours) being drug hundreds or thousands of miles to uncertainty for their future?" I worry and feel sorry for these kids -- starcomeds don't!

How about foolproof, tamper-proof cameras on every ballot counter in the 2022, 2024 elections? Every "creaseless mail-in ballot" is a no-vote. Bright lights, lots of eyes, no plumbing leaks, and as responsible as heart surgery! Sound fair?

We are celebrating the greatest event in all history, the birth of God's only son, Jesus Christ. The great Black race, created by God, are some of the most faithful, deep, sincere worshippers of God almighty -- they could teach the fakes a few things about their God, his plan, his blessings, the satisfaction nothing else can bring -- it's real, it's real, it's real! Amen.

Starcomeds should stop preaching to anyone about anything -- we're still waiting for some mourning and sorrow over the Afghanistan tragedy. You know -- I know, that will never happen anymore than Benghazi Hillary's regret being anything but her boomerang 2016 presidential loss bringing tears! Typical starcomed.

I just had another idea -- I might just advocate for something backward -- for real! Remember when teachers would put a dunce hat on a kid for misbehaving and set him or her in the corner? Now -- when a teacher starts trying to teach ungodly, immoral, racist garbage -- you guessed it! Dunce hat on the teacher, set in the corner and let the kids use the brain the good Lord gave them and get back to readin', writin', 'rithmetic! Praise God!

Merry Christmas!

P.S. One more backward news item. "The FDA just approves easy abortion pills by mail." One of the abortion crowds' most popular lines is that it's "hard to get birth control pills" -- so -- change that to a frontward, not backward act. "The FDA just approves easy birth control pills by mail." Makes sense? Baby murder rate goes down! Thank God!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

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