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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION January 9, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

For or against?

Dear editor:

I am sure those who read the title of this letter will assume I mean "for or against" some votable issue like the extension of the sales tax proposed by both the county judge and city manager. Well, you are right, and let me explain.

The role of any government official is to manage the interests of the citizens who elected them. The need expressed by both the city and the county is funds are needed to improve city and county roads via an improved replacement and paving schedule. The question at hand: Is extending the sales tax due to expire shortly in the best interests of all our citizens, particularly those on the bottom of the income scale?

Recently several opinion pieces appeared in the paper opposing the tax extension. Let me summarize the key objections of those opposed:

• Inadequate notice was given so the reason for the tax extension provided little time to understand the reason. The first public notice occurred in November and no hearings were held with the special election scheduled for early February.

• The timing of the election in February allows those who favor it to pass the continuance of the tax with only a small number of individuals voting. This is often the case where minimal objections are desired.

• Extending the sales tax will continue to harm those on the lower end of the economic scale who can afford it the least.

• With inflation highest in years continuing this tax is harmful to all.

• This is a long-term problem that needs a permanent solution via a new tax dedication to roads and bridges which is not temporary and voted on during a general election.

Those who are for continuing the sales tax to use it for improved roads believe:

• There are inadequate funds in both the city and county budgets to pave the road inside both government entities. The county has about 1,000 miles of roads and the city 300.

• While the timing is short, continuing the collection of the tax will allow tax collections to continue with no break.

• The need for improved roads is clearly a fact and some form of tax collection is the only answer.

• The roads have been a problem for decades and there never is a "good" time to collect funds for this problem.

Your choice, folks.

Dennis Bosch

Hot Springs

Map after map

Dear editor:

Map after map, law after law, regulation after regulation, appointment after appointment, lie after lie, the GOP continues to attack Democracy.

They use gerrymandering, which distorts our democracy, they oppose voter rights and appoint biased judges. They are doing all they can to ensure that only Republicans can win and forever stay in power, to control the government and the money flow.

The world, and too few in this nation, know they are trying to overturn democracy and replace it with anarchy. They even tried to overturn a valid election. This has been used in other countries and polls indicate that 30% of the Republicans are OK with violence to establish change.

When fair elections are eliminated, and democracy is undermined, people reach the point of hopelessness, and then the change in political officials is done by violence and war.

Jerry Davis

Hot Springs

Now is the time

Dear editor:

To most American citizens, increased border security commingled with improved immigration laws are necessary and, in fact, are a requirement if the United States is to survive in the future. If you, as an American citizen and do not believe this, then you are either uninformed, misinformed, or just plain stupid.

Congress, at the insistence of those who elected them, approved the border wall during the presidency of 43, but they have never approved complete funding for it. Why? Our illustrious elected members of Congress have never really wanted border security. They want open borders with the hope that each political party will snag new voters. These elite elected officials just want to ensure their own jobs at the expense of the current American voter and taxpayer.

A secure border is only the first step in solving the immigration crisis.

These same elected elites don't want to create a pathway to citizenship, either -- and they are willing to have federal elections without voter ID cards.

For the past 40 years, there have been periods of time during which one party or the other, liberal or conservative, has controlled both houses of Congress and the White House at the same time. Yet, these issues have not been solved. Why?

With the obstructionist liberals desperately attempting to discredit conservatives at all levels, with smoke, mirrors, and lies, and others are attempting to do what is right for the current citizens of the United States, it seems to me that the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive Party should propose that a firmly defined and enforced border would be a first step in the process of stimulating legislation that would update and modernize a legitimate and simple pathway to residency and perhaps citizenship. Both citizens and those migrating deserve this.

There are 30,000,000 undocumented people in the U.S. and they deserve a process in which they can continue to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

The liberals now control the House of Representatives. It is time that they propose legislation that will solve these problems. It is time that they do what is in the best interests of American citizens and not just themselves and their political party.

We as current American citizens should demand that border security be strengthened, immigration laws be rewritten, and a simple pathway to residency and perhaps citizenship be approved by our elected officials.

Now is the time for the Democrats to show that they can introduce laws that will fairly and equitably represent all American citizens, as well as provide a future for those who are already in the United States or wish to come here.

John Grillo

Hot Springs

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