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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION January 23, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Recognition deserved

Dear editor:

Working a shift at the warming center being held this week at First United Methodist Church was an enlightening experience for me. I encourage you to sign up for a shift!

No doubt we will have other opportunities to serve this winter. The number of contributions and stacks of items on-site that had been gathered by simple shared Facebook requests was an amazing site for my eyes. The morning I was there, Hot Springs residents and community organizations continued to drop in with arms loaded carrying everything from blankets, dog food, soft drinks, hand warmers, or whatever had been the latest posted request for items needed at that point in time.

Witnessing such a well-organized event was a true blessing for me. I felt guilty that there was not more for me to do while I was there; obviously, the demanding work had already been done. But being there gave me time to observe the relationships that the organizers of the event displayed with the homeless and underserved community who were being so well taken care of. Not only were they provided a warm place to sleep, take a warm shower, were being well-fed and made to feel welcome, but there were these unbelievable conversations going on between those seeking a warm environment and the organizers on-site for the event. The underserved were shown empathy, love and that someone really cares.

Prior to today, I was aware of the countless hours put in by Sally Carder and Kathy Randel from St. Luke's, Kim Carter from CCMC, and their many volunteers who give countless hours to make sure these events happen. But, as Sally Carder and I were sitting there, she wanted to make sure I knew about another outstanding volunteer, Trish Nooner, who as Sally made clear, does not receive the recognition she deserves. Sally stated that "we would not have the relationship that we have with our homeless neighbors without Trish and her team from Lakeview Assembly of God Church. It is this relationship that enables us to truly help our community." I was told Trish is the "boots on the ground" both prior to and during every warming shelter event, knowing the underserved by name, their backgrounds, and their needs. Sally could not say enough good things about her and considers her to be the "Volunteer of the Year!" And, from what I saw happening while at the center today, I agree.

Thank you, Trish Nooner, and your team for your giving spirit for the underserved in our community! We are all indebted to you for your service.

Joyce Whitfield

Executive director

Hot Springs Area

Community Foundation

Vote 'no' to road tax

Dear editor:

I wish that The Committee For Our Roads Now would learn that a vote "FOR" means that we are taxing ourselves again. I say vote "NO" on this tax and let it end. We don't need another tax on the streets; isn't the Biden tax suitable for the roadways?

On the flyer that was left in my mailbox, a five-year, $70 million plan to rebuild, repair and repave roads and bridges and just continue the five-eighths of 1% sales tax that is due to expire this year, 2022, claims that millions of visitors to Garland County spend $700 million annually will help pay this tax. I don't believe it. When you go to vote -- voting begins on Feb. 8 or early voting on Feb. 1 -- cancel this debt.

What happened to the last great ideas that came down the pike for taxes and the destruction of the Boys & Girls Club into a baseball field that was going to attract visitors, not to mention the gambling at the race track? How many folks voted to increase their home taxes for the schools and fire departments? Didn't we vote to end the sales tax on groceries? I don't know about other folks, but I'm tired of the misuse of our officials when it comes to the taxes and how they are supposed to be spent.

Why not ask the governor to issue out some of the "over taxed" money that the state has collected? Just wondering what's next.

L.J. Gibson

Hot Springs

Win-win situation

Dear editor:

From his letter, it's easy to see Ron's not happy in Arkansas. Seems he doesn't like the way the votes have gone here lately of course if you go back a few years when the Democrats controlled most of the state offices, I was changing my affiliation as they went too far left. Because he's not happy he thinks we should throw the baby out with the bathwater by whining about the Electoral College which the geniuses who created this country put into place for precisely what has been happening.

In 1849, gold was discovered in California and for almost all that time with its sunshine and natural beauty it has been a magnet drawing people by the millions. Only Democrats could screw that up. I recently saw a post by Uhaul showing the states in which the most people were fleeing. Uhaul can't keep trucks in California so many people can't wait to get away from the nutty Democrats they are moving to mostly red states many to Texas, but some are making their way here to the more well-run, less nutty states. They are voting with their feet.

So, Ron, here's your chance. Uhaul may actually pay you to move to California so some poor family or business will be able to use that truck and move back here where they'd be happier. Sort of a win, win.

BTW, it doesn't appear Doc's going to be happy here, either, with Sarah in the Governor's Mansion. You know those Huckabees. Democrats hate them because their crime is they're Christians. I mean, they don't think we should be killing children. Terrible people. Maybe you and Doc can double up and move together. Sort of a win, win, win.

Larry Bauer

Hot Springs Village

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