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Sunday’s Letters to the editor

OPINION May 1, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

A fighter is needed

Dear editor:

A recent letter to the editor was critical toward Jan Morgan, candidate for U.S. Senator. In his letter headlined "Don't Need a 'Fighter,'" the writer objected to her promise to be a fighter for Arkansas in Washington. He said he wasn't looking for a fighter. He went on to tout 21-year incumbent Sen. John Boozman, whom Morgan is challenging, as a "nice guy" that Washington needed more of. I must totally disagree with the writer.

Although I yearn to get back to the days of bipartisanship and teamwork in Congress, that is not what is needed to counter the present culture of leftist radicalism, moral decline, and wokeness in our nation. If we don't send conservative fighters to Washington this election year to oppose the socialist movement that is destroying America, we may not get another chance.

An unbiased AP article in Monday's paper highlighting the Boozman campaign refers to him as an "unassuming figure who talks almost in a whisper and is more comfortable chatting about policy or the University of Arkansas Razorback' football record than giving fiery speeches." I like Sen. Boozman as a person and have enjoyed conversing with him in his office a couple of times. He generally votes conservative but has voted with President Biden 34% of the time according to the FiveThirtyEight nonpartisan political analysis website.

I don't like having to be in a constant battle with the Biden administration and the radical left. I would much prefer our senators and representatives to all get along for the best interests of our country. But that is not feasible in today's reality. Those bent on destroying our traditions and principles must be stopped by the conservative fighters we elect. Arkansans don't need a 31-consecutive-year professional politician in the Senate who shrinks from going to battle on our behalf.

Therefore, I support Hot Springs' own Jan Morgan, a strong Christian conservative, who will aggressively defend Arkansas values as a senator. I encourage every voter to give her consideration. She is experienced, articulate, a business owner, and ... a fighter. Yes, she's outspoken and a little rough around the edges, but her outgoing patriotic spirit is what we need in these times.

Terry Thompson

Hot Springs

Will we ever learn?

Dear editor:

We often hear and read quotes that sear into our minds a true sense of what kind of people we have been, are now and will always be. For me, this one is eternal.

"When history loses urgency, people tend to live at the expense of the future, despite their better judgment." -- Neil Howe and William Strauss, "Generations: The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069."

Phil Mariage

Hot Springs

Helping Russia

Dear editor:

Not sure who Gary was talking about that wrote in to help Putin, must have missed it, but I do know Gary and his friends helped Putin and Russia. Here's why.

Numerous times I wrote in prior to the election to warn people about who Biden was. I quoted former SecDef Bob Gates' book, "Duty," because Joe has a history, a record that can be checked Gates said that Joe Biden had been wrong about every foreign policy vote he ever made. A few examples: First, Gulf War to kick Saddam out of Kuwait. It was very successful; a couple of months we totally defeated Saddam's army with over 90% approval. How did sleepy Joe vote in the Senate prior? Against. Now, the second Gulf War, Bush/Chaney, WMDs. Many people thought they pushed the narrative about WMDs and thought it was the wrong war. How did Sleepy Joe do on that one? He wasn't going to get caught on the wrong side again, so he voted for it. He also publicly stated he advised Obama not to OK the raid to get bin Laden. Turned out to be very successful. Sleepy Joe was wrong again.

Gates also stated Joe would run in the room after he brought the generals over to the White House to advise Obama and would say, don't listen to the generals. And we know he doesn't listen to them, with the fiasco the Afghan pullout turned out to be. The generals testified they advised him to keep troops at Bagram Air Base and not withdraw them prior to the pullout.

Prior to the disastrous Afghan pullout, Sleepy Joe said the Afghan army was trained and should be able to hold off the Taliban. They collapsed in a week. He didn't adequately supply the Ukrainians in the months before the war because he thought the Russians would take Kyiv in less than a week. Wrong on both counts, as he always is.

Gary, you and your friends could not have helped Putin more than if you sent him money to fund his army's destruction of Ukraine and the slaughter of thousands. Oh, wait, you did. Putin's income to fund his army and war comes mostly from oil. The Democrats' idiotic war on fossil fuels has kept the price over $100 a barrel.

Those two peoples have suffered greatly because you let the lamestream media mislead and manipulate you into voting for a fool. With his long history of being wrong do you think Putin and his intelligence people do not know who Biden is? He knew with Biden in the White House this was his optimum time to attack.

Larry Bauer

Hot Springs Village

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