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Meet The Floor Store’s store manager

May 30, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.
Zan Loar - Submitted photo

Hot Springs native Zan Loar, The Floor Store's store manager, says the favorite part of his job is "meeting my neighbors."

"I have had the opportunity to make a lot of connections with neighbors," said Loar, who attended Cutter Morning Star School.

His personal motto is "Address everything every time."

Before working at The Floor Store, he was a sales manager for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. "My teams handled thousands of calls daily with a lot of stories that came with them," he said.

"Coming into this job from a corporate atmosphere taught me the value of each and every connection you make with every person you meet," Loar said.

As far as his favorite project at The Floor Store, Loar said, "There are so many, I love whole-home transformations!"

Working at The Floor Store has given him an understanding of the remodeling world, he said.

His proudest moment at The Floor Store has been "being able to come to the Hot Springs store and help coach other sales agents."

His advice to recent new hires would be to "Watch, listen and be a part of the conversations."

Loar first learned about The Floor Store from his wife.

They have three children, and he says his family is "the light of my life, the reason why I adult. My wife is spunky and loves to live. My kids follow our lead and love to go along for the ride."

Their favorite activities include going to beaches and theme parks, along with computer games, camping, and fishing.

"When I'm at home I home hard. Phones get put down and we tend to go on a lot of bike rides," he said.

His "wish list" for the next 10 years with The Floor Store? "I would like to be head of operations," he says.

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