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Sunday’s Letters to the editor

OPINION November 20, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

'No' to 'monkey wrench'

Dear editor:

Dave arrived in Hot Springs 34 years ago this month to start a business, so we have watched Hot Springs develop for quite a while. We moved here from Colorado Springs, where people were already buying up water rights east of the city and talking about water police who would (when water eventually became more difficult to obtain) cite homeowners who were seen washing their cars in their driveways or watering a pot of geraniums on their front porches.

I remember several community leaders who stand out as being instrumental in influencing good things for the city, sometimes at personal cost. Melinda Baran, as mayor, worked to begin our Sister City relationship with Hanamaki and was responsible for bringing water and sanitation under the elected city board. She was not reelected. Mayor Helen Selig was a force for obtaining the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts in Hot Springs. County Judge Larry Williams and the quorum court instituted countywide garbage pickup, thus decreasing the trash and litter in the community. I remember well the nasty letters to the editor about that!

Perhaps equally or even more important than the above have been the last three city boards composed of individuals who, for the most part, have looked into the future and obtained enough water from Lake Ouachita and eventually DeGray Lake for our use for the next 20 years!

Today I read that two newly elected officials are gearing up to throw a monkey wrench into the city's ability to continue with its plans to deliver enough water for the citizens who live here now and for growth to continue. And, sure, it is going to cost more than planned. What hasn't?

If we are asked to sign a petition against further water infrastructure development, we will refuse. We hope you will as well.

Ann and Dave Hair

Hot Springs

County shafted again

Dear editor:

As usual people in the county get shafted with the water rate a lot higher than people in the city. Also, when is the sewer going to be installed on the island at Treasure Isle Road? The sewer lines are close to the island already. Thanks for the letters to the editor section of the paper being available for local comments.

Ardy L. Tackett

Hot Springs

Diesel deficit

Dear editor:

Now that the election is over and most races have been called, some important issues we face in the USA need attention. One serious issue is the huge deficit in diesel fuel. Gasoline prices have been dropping well in Arkansas and some other states, but diesel prices have continued to rise.

And there is one major reason: a huge deficit.

The pandemic created a number of economic problems. In 2020, three months of closed businesses resulted in low demand for gasoline and less demand for diesel. In late 2020 and early 2021, the demand for both grew rapidly, resulting in much higher prices. The fact that 12 major refineries closed and the demand grew caused the price to rise very fast. The large oil corporations always take advantage of a crisis, so when wholesale prices increased, gas and diesel at the pump increased even more.

Those 12 refineries are not going to rebuild. Building new ones are costly and slow to complete, so the prices that are lower now may well begin to increase again. One thing is certain: Diesel will because the deficit is lower than since 1953. Now, readers, guess what uses more diesel than anything -- SEMIs hauling all kinds of products from state to state. That includes food, folk. The last month's reduction in inflation may not last long. Diesel prices are very high and rising, and those companies are going to pass along increases to businesses, and they to consumers.

President Biden has already seen much pressure from various groups to draw from the Home Heating Oil Reserve, as he has already done from the petroleum reserve as an attempt to reduce inflation. Folks in the Northeast are very worried about no heating fuel for winter, which is now upon them. Blackouts are already promised. So, if we look at this issue with open eyes, we see an extremely complex issue. The culprit is not a President or a political party. The culprit is the economical philosophy that has made our country the greatest economic power in the world for decades: Capitalism, a good philosophy of supply and demand, but one with the weakness of monopoly greed. Having lived eight decades, I have witnessed two large inflation periods before this one. Presidents or Reserve Boards can do little to stop it. Supply and demand must change. Be prepared if the present one continues, because it will not end soon.

John W. "Doc" Crawford

Hot Springs

The real thief

Dear editor:

Today, Nov. 17, our government said China is the biggest offender of stealing our data. Are they really?

What about all the American companies who used NAFTA to use China to make all our products and bring them to where they are now? What about those same companies that opened call centers in India and gave them all out data. ...

So is it China's fault or our government's and American companies' fault that this is happening. Put the blame where it belongs. Now you know the price of those cheap products on Black Friday when you get a Robocall waiting in line for that TV.

Ron Swanson

Hot Springs

A big thank you

Dear editor:

We do not see the words "thank you" much anymore but a huge "thank you" to all the American voters for voting to uphold (maybe temporally) the true American way of life. I know I am older than most local readers but earlier in my lifetime Americans were more caring, generous, and able to work out their political differences with discussion and fair compromises.

Now it appears about half of our population (including Congress) is angry and never open to calm discussion and fair solutions to the many problems facing our fast-moving world. Much has been said against President Biden but his calmness, experience, and age-related wisdom have brought us through a very tough two years.

Looking at parts of America we see pure greed, unfounded hate, and no attempt to help solve our problems with cooperation and a touch of goodwill. The atmosphere seems to be them against everybody not blindly supporting them; even an armed attack against our own country! This is the place we are at; we must learn how to heal.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump and several of his powerful supporters are poisonous to the United States of America! Their propaganda and pure lies, along with huge monetary support from unnamed persons and places, is drowning our senses. Each of us must decide what America they want their children and grandchildren to live in, if it is not already too late to save her!

James Pumphrey

Garland County

How the city works

Dear editor:

Another great example last Thursday and Friday of how our city government works. Or doesn't. Oaklawn was hosting the state cross-country meet, something they've done for years. Scheduled well in advance and well publicized.

So what does the city do when over 100 school buses will be converging around the racetrack? They schedule maintenance for a two-block stretch in the northbound lane from Winans to almost the track entrance, shutting down one lane of traffic. Cars and buses were backed up to Walgreens next to the bypass.

Hopefully, with some new leaders in city government, we can see some changes, starting with the firing and removal of many people in charge of these various city departments. I've come to believe many or most of them couldn't find the handle on a coffee cup.

R.B. Keener

Hot Springs

It's in the Constitution

Dear editor:

Read the Constitution:

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment clearly disqualifies Donald Trump from becoming president:

"No person shall ... hold any office ... under the United States ... who, having previously taken an oath ... to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same."

It should also have disqualified at least six Republican members of the House or Senate, such as Marjorie Taylor Green and five others we know of.

The media is slacking at doing their job of keeping the voters "well-informed" when they ignore the constitutional requirements to hold any position in the federal government. Clearly, there are very few people, even those we elected and who swore an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution who bother reading it, or if they do read it, ignore the parts that don't favor their political positions.

Judith Zitko

Hot Springs Village

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