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CMS to host car wash today to help raise funds for prom

by Brandon Smith | April 1, 2023 at 4:04 a.m.
Cutter Morning Star coaches work the Eagle Car Wash in May 2022. - File photo by The Sentinel-Record

The junior class at Cutter Morning Star High School will host a free car wash today from noon to 3 p.m. at Eagle Car Wash to help raise money for prom.

CMS Superintendent Nancy Anderson said donations will be taken and people do not have to get out of their vehicles.

"You know, it's a safe fundraiser for the kids and they actually really enjoy hanging out there together and doing the car wash," she said.

"We've had a really, really good response from people because they keep so busy.

"To me, instead of having to send stuff home or send kids selling stuff door to door, it's something that the kids are working (on site). We always want our kids to actually earn the money, and this gives them an opportunity to serve in the community but it also gives them an opportunity to make money for projects that they're doing," she said.

The car wash, located next to the district administration office on the south end of campus, was renovated last spring and opened to the public to help support school activities. It features four self-serve bays and two vacuum cleaner stations.

Although the car wash has been a success, Anderson asks for the community's help to curb some of the vandalism that has taken place recently.

"We appreciate people that are coming out and getting their car washed. We are being told that we have one of the best car washes in town because of the amounts of time that they get for the amount of money. Plus, we provide good soap because we partner with Mr. Tidy (Vehicle Wash Systems) of Arkansas, and so it's good, high-quality material. We are having some vandalism, which is very, very upsetting to me," she said.

In addition to helping fundraise for the different programs, the major goal of the car wash is to serve the local community, she said.

"This car wash was something that the school district wanted to do to give back to the community," she said. "And people use it all day long all the time. And so, again, we've tried to keep the price, you know, not even competitive, but better for our community members, and keep the quality of product high so that it's a good car wash. Unfortunately, if people keep vandalizing it, we might have to raise the price to cover (repair expenses)."

She said the district recently spent a few hundred dollars to replace items such as ripped-off hoses, cut locks, and more.

"It is for the school, and it's a way for our kids to raise money for things ... it's such a great opportunity for our kids, but it's also such a great resource for our community to have. We do have signs posted that state, basically, no loitering. You come and you wash your car and you leave," Anderson said.

"But I do want to encourage people to notify the school if there's a car there for an extended period of time, you know -- get the license plate. I just want people to stop vandalizing. This is for the community and we don't want to raise the prices, but if vandalism continues, we'll have to to cover the cost of fixing and repairing from the vandalism."

Print Headline: CMS to host car wash today to help raise funds for prom


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