WATCH | Hot Springs Wheels: Dobyns’ Corvette Z06 excels in speed, fun

Greg Dobyns stands with his 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. (The Sentinel-Record/Donald Cross)
Greg Dobyns stands with his 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. (The Sentinel-Record/Donald Cross)

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is known for its speed and luxury, and it's safe to say Greg Dobyns has gotten that and more out of his custom-wrapped 2016 Z06.

Sporting a custom license plate that simply reads, "ITSFAST," Dobyns has taken his Z06 all over the country and isn't afraid to have fun in the vehicle.

The 2016 Z06 came out of the factory with 650 horsepower, and Dobyns has made a few changes to bring it up to 700. Not only did Dobyns add a custom wrap to the car, but he got new wheels and tires, changed the spoilers, changed the ground effects, changed the nose splitter, and made plenty of other minor improvements to the Z06.

"These cars here are built from Chevrolet as a track car," Dobyns said. "They have every performance option you can get on them. They're hard to beat. It's crazy. We laugh. We changed the wheels and tires, you really can't see how big they are, but they're unbelievable."\

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Dobyns clearly loves his Corvette, and he spoke about it excitedly as he described the various parts and capabilities of the Z06.

He turned 60 in July but said when someone gets behind the wheel of a Z06, it's like the fountain of youth.

"We run it pretty hard," Dobyns said. "I've had it up to about 170. It's supposed to be a 210-mile-an-hour car, but I haven't had it up there yet."

Dobyns, along with his wife and other enthusiasts, will ship their vehicles to a destination for a trip before flying on a one-way ticket to that destination.

Once they get off the plane, they can hop straight into their cars and go on glorious trips throughout different parts of the country.

Shipping the car saves time and makes sure everyone is fresh and ready to go for the return trip back. Dobyns found his go-to shipper, and it only costs around $1,100 per car, which is well worth the price to Dobyns.

"You're all fired up when you get there," Dobyns said. "And you just start working your way back. It's fun."


Dobyns can pack all of the luggage he needs in the trunk of the Z06, and it's all there waiting for him when he gets off his flight.

"It's our fun car," Dobyns said. "It's not an everyday driver. Date night. We like going to Eureka Springs, their big Corvette weekend. We shipped it a year ago to Portland, Maine, shipped two of them up there. ... Flew up there, took two weeks, drove the whole East Coast back. I mean, we did everything. Martha's Vineyard, New York, Boston, D.C., Myrtle Beach, we did everything. Everybody thought we were crazy, but it's like the best trip I've ever been on."

Although he loves going to Corvette shows, Dobyns isn't currently part of a local Corvette club. Instead, he takes his Z06 out with a few other friends who have similar vehicles. He added his friends are "a bunch of old guys acting crazy."

"If there's three or four of us, that's plenty. It's hard to do that when you're with a bunch of other people," Dobyns laughed. "We do things in the spur of the moment, you know."

Dobyns and his wife Alicia both share a major passion for the Z06, and both of them love to drive the Corvette.

"The license plate likes to get you in trouble," Greg Dobyns said. "If you can imagine that."

  photo  Greg Dobyns' 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 sports a license plate reading, "ITSFAST." (The Sentinel-Record/Donald Cross)

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