WATCH | Ragsdale: Community career fair ‘a success’

Chuck Ragsdale, a career coach with National Park College who works with Jessieville students, talks about the community career fair that was held at Jessieville Thursday for North Garland County adults seeking employment. - Photo by Lance Porter of The Sentinel-Record

There may not have been dozens of people who attended Thursday's career fair at Jessieville, but organizer Chuck Ragsdale, a career coach with National Park College who works with students at Jessieville, was pleased with the results.

Billed as an event to help north Garland County job seekers, Ragsdale said there were attendees from Jessieville, Fountain Lake, Mountain Pine and even a handful of students from Cutter Morning Star.

"I haven't checked the roster here to see how many people have signed their name or where they're from, either the Fountain Lake, Mountain Pine, Jessieville or Cutter area, because that's the four areas that we've had come out so far," he said around noon.

"For the last I count, we had 12 people so far come out. I've seen a couple of people come in and sign their names to the roster with me out and about," he said.

Ragsdale said there were plenty of employers there trying to find new employees.

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"We had exactly 18 organizations come out here today," he said. "And they're all either ready to hire right now or they're looking to hire in the near future. ... It's just a beautiful relationship and a beautiful chance for not only these organizations, but for people of the community to come together and see what could come out of it."

There were also at least two job seekers who had a successful day at the career fair, as well.

"What I'm being told is that I've had two people leave here with follow-up interviews, so in my book, that's a success," Ragsdale said. "If we can have people a chance to get follow-on interviews or just get information, it's a win."

Ragsdale said he hopes to see the event return year after year.

"I don't know if it's gonna be right around the Jan. 19 area, but the plan is going forward to do this once a year and making this bigger and better each year," he said.

"I've told all these representatives and these organizations, please email me or call me with any kind of feedback -- any way that we can make this better -- because we want to make it better for people."