At the library

Top 10 requests

1. Garvan Woodland Gardens pass.

2. Mid-America Science Museum pass.

3. Mobile hot spot.

4. "Becoming Free Indeed," by Jinger Vuolo.

5. Telescope.

6. "I Will Find You," by Harlan Coben.

7. "The Housemaid," by Freida McFadden.

8. "Yellowstone S5," DVD.

9. "Maame," by Jessica George.

10. "All My Knotted Up Life," by Beth Moore.

New fiction

"Black Candle Women," by Diane Marie Brown.

"Marvelous," by Molly Greeley.

"An Autobiography of Skin," by Lakiesha Carr.

"Birnam Wood," by Eleanor Catton.

"How I'll Kill You," by Ren DeStefano.

"The Curator," by Owen King.

New nonfiction

"Poverty by America," by Matthew Desmond.

"Planta Sapiens," by Paco Calvo.

"Once Upon a Tome," by Oliver Darkshire.

"The Love Jones Cohort," by Kris Marsh.

"Lies My Gov't Told Me," by Robert Malone.

New e-book, e-audiobooks

"The London Séance Society," by Sarah Penner.

"It Was Vulgar and It Was Beautiful," by Jack Lowery.

"The Good Sister," by Gillian McAllister.

"The Man Who Died Twice," by Richard Osman.

"Everything You Know about Indians is Wrong," by Paul Chaat Smith.

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