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SENIOR SCENE: ‘There’s just never a good time’

OPINION by Nina Alter, The Caring Place | March 26, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Nina Alter - Submitted photo

Many times in life, we go through situations that we weren't expecting. When we question ourselves about what is happening, we usually say "There's never really a good time to do this." People often comment in an off-handed way that they are forgetting things and blame it on age. The truth is that dementia is often not age-related.

Truthfully, most people put off seeking a diagnosis because Alzheimer's and dementia are the most feared health conditions of our time. There's no question that it can have a profound and devastating impact on people, their family and friends -- but getting a timely diagnosis will enable people with dementia to live as well as possible.

An important concept to grasp is that the symptoms of dementia often go beyond memory loss. They can include significant shifts in mood, more falls, disturbed gait (how we walk), and more.

We want everyone to know that the Caring Place is here for anyone affected by these conditions and there are lots of ways we can help you. It's time for everyone to confront these conditions head on! Most people who face this challenge, say "I just don't know what to do first." The staff and volunteers of The Caring Place know what that means!

We can help you take the first steps into this journey. We understand the process, we understand the issues, we understand the fear and the lack of strength to face these moments. Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we offer a safe and nurturing place for your loved one to have games, music, arts and crafts, get outside in a protected environment, nutritious food and assistance with activities of daily living.

The first step is to make the phone call to Nina Alter at 501-623-2881 or email [email protected]. We can arrange a confidential interview to discuss a plan of care. We have Caregiver Grants and other financial programs to cover the cost of the program. We work with Arkansas Medicaid to cover the expense. Many families use their Long-Term Care Insurance to cover the expense. We know that the physical challenges can be a burden, so we can provide information on transportation to help.

Although this seems overwhelming at times, most families tell us they wish they had not taken this step sooner. Make today the day that you choose The Caring Place to help. We can make this "the good time to do this."

The Caring Place is located at 101 Quapaw. Call the director, Nina Alter, at 501-623-2881 or email [email protected]. Our website provides information on hours of operation, contact information and costs, at

Print Headline: SENIOR SCENE: ‘There’s just never a good time’


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