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Mother-daughter talk

OPINION by Jim Davidson | May 14, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

As you can tell by the title, to produce this column I am going to need some help, since it's obvious that I am not a mother. However, I am married to a terrific woman who is a mother, and I have asked her to help write this column for us. This is a very important topic, and my prayer is that you will read and heed very carefully what Janis has to say, especially since she is highly qualified.

I appreciate the vote of confidence from Jim, but maybe the title should be "Things my mother taught me." You see, my mother could be classified as the Proverbs 31 woman of the Bible. Where do I begin? I was raised by wonderful Christian parents who both taught me many life lessons that helped me grow into adulthood as a responsible, likable young lady. I was taught that, to have friends, you must be friendly, likable, caring, courteous and kindhearted to everyone. Therefore, I was voted Girl Class Favorite by my Senior Class. I had rather not say what year it was. Ha!

I was taught to dress modestly and act like a lady if I wanted to be treated like a lady. My mother assured me that a good reputation was a "crown" worthy of wearing and to expect boys to honor my choice to save myself for that "lucky" guy I would someday marry. Many pregnancies could be avoided if there were more mother-daughter talks.

Mothers might start by teaching by example how to dress modestly, what and what not to wear and how to act. You may have raised boys, as I did, and they need to be taught to respect the girls and what qualities to look for in them. I once refused to let one of my sons date a certain girl who did not have a good reputation in school. That did not set too well at the time, but he got over it and he found a wonderful Christian lady to whom he is still married.

As a Christian mother, teach your daughters that they are a "Child of the King," and they should look and act the part when they step out the door. Some skirts are getting too short, and some blouses are cut much too low. Know when and where your sons and daughters come and go. Isn't it about time for a mother-daughter talk?

That is the end of Janis' comments, but didn't she say a mouthful? Thanks, Sweetheart. You make me proud.

Here are a few thoughts of my own. Janis and I both grew up in an era before the days of Roe v. Wade, and most children were born in two-parent homes. I can promise you that we would not have the massive problem of abortion if more mothers had a talk with their daughters about how to dress and how to act and what is appropriate behavior and what is not. Now don't think for a moment that the boys get off scot-free here. If boys are taught how to act and how to behave with girls, we would not have so many girls come up pregnant and create the massive problems we have in our society today. It's called "Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot."

We should understand that our choices have consequences. As a people we are better than that. We also need to understand that it's OK to go against the norm, and if we see or hear something that is not right, do not remain silent but speak up about it. Sometimes just a few words can change the course of history.

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