At the library

Top five requests

1. "The Exchange," by John Grisham.

2. "The Edge," by David Baldacci.

3. "The Woman in Me," by Britney Spears.

4. "The Secret," by Lee Child.

5. "Judgement Prey," by John Sandford.

New fiction

"Death of the Red Rider," by Yulia Yakovleva.

"The Future," by Naomi Alderman.

"The Vulnerables," by Sigrid Nunez.

"Girl in the Vault," by Michael Ledwidge.

"Sweet Thing," by David Swinson.

New nonfiction

"American Shield," by Aquilino Gonell.

"Among the Bros," by Max Marshall.

"Founding Partisans," by H.W. Brands.

"How to be Multiple," by Helena de Bres.

New e-book, e-audiobooks

"Unwoke," by Ted Cruz.

"None of This is True," by Lisa Jewell.

"Not That Fancy," by Reba McEntire.

"All the Light We Cannot See," by Anthony Doerr.

"There Should Have Been Eight," by Nalini Singh.