SENIOR SCENE: Making your mark


Joyce Whitfield - Submitted photo

I read recently that the measure of a man's value is the degree to which he has made a difference in the lives of those he has touched. So, it is up to our own selves to make a difference or no difference at all.

It can be reassuring to know that today is not too late to let loose of ourselves, and start today, being the first day of the rest of our lives, and we can use it for good to make our mark.

If our lives are lived being concerned only for our own comfort and pleasures, we will leave this world making no mark at all.

What a depressing thought that those who follow us might not even know we were here at all?

Now, for those who never find time for others, they do not share their resources to help their community. And their attitude can cause people to not want to be around them.

Any conversation centers around their house, their family, their possessions, their worries, or their health. They are negative, stressful, and usually considered high maintenance!

Most people who give much of their time and talent to serve others, have a common quality.

They are happy, content, and have energy and enthusiasm for living. They are positive people who see possibilities for good in many of life's challenges, and usually they are healthier.

They have dreams and hopes for the future -- even after they are gone.

Picture yourself in a world of positive people, who all want to do something that will outlast us.

If you want to explore ways to help others today, or forever leave a legacy, the community foundation is one resource.

We work with individuals, families, or professionals, such as attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners to help you achieve your desire to share with others.

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