SENIOR SCENE: Those among us


Janie Smith - Submitted photo

Today I am remembering two people I met last fall. We had a cold snap and they came for blankets and warmer clothes. They were not 20 or 40 or even 60. They were 73 years old. They had been married over 40 years. I asked what was their story.

They both had worked in their own business and were successful. They were childless. The wife became ill with cancer. It took all of their savings and two years, but she survived it. Then the pandemic came. And the business fell. This once-vibrant couple lost everything they had ever worked for. They became homeless.

Living in a car was the best they could do. Their medications were expensive and they were unable to pay rent. I cannot imagine living in a car with aches and pains in my 70s, but that was their reality.

We gave them what they asked for. We referred them to DHS, as well. They said they ate lunch with us every day and were grateful. Remember when you donate that we need everything you can spare. Food, clothes, household goods and moneys to help with what we don't have on site. You can make a true difference today.

Donate at or come by 705 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901.

"Every Item, Every Dollar, Every Person, Counts."