WATCH | Coy’s Steakhouse, Satellite Cafe returning to Hot Springs

Promotional material for Coy's is shown at Wednesday's announcement in Little Rock. Photo is courtesy of Visit Hot Springs. - Submitted photo

LITTLE ROCK -- The Hotel Hot Springs announced plans Wednesday to reopen Coy's Steakhouse and Satellite Cafe from its location on Malvern Avenue.

"There are two restaurants that went away, one that owner Keith (Holland) had a close relationship with as an owner, Satellite Cafe, and the other one was a Hot Springs staple," said Chris Kane, company representative.

"Coy's Steakhouse, that had been open for half a century, unfortunately had a fire in 2009, and I think that the legacy of Coy's Steakhouse is so strong and what people remember about it and how it made them feel, and it's an Arkansas Food Hall of Fame member, that's a no brainer."

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The announcement was revealed to local leaders from Curran Hall in Little Rock, by Kane, Visit Hot Springs CEO Steve Arrison and senior editor for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Rex Nelson.

Both restaurants are scheduled to open from The Hotel Hotel Springs, 305 Malvern Ave., with Satellite Cafe projected to open by the end of the year and Coy's projected to open within the first quarter of 2024, Kane said.

Coy's will be reconstructed in a 4,500 square-foot space adjacent to the hotel, while the Satellite Cafe will occupy a 1,200 square-foot space inside the hotel, according to a news release.

Coy's Steakhouse's return comes after the restaurant closed due to the building at 300 Coy St. being destroyed by a fire in 2009.

An important aspect of reopening the restaurant will include making sure to use the same recipes, since it's known for its crackers, sauce and seasoning, Kane said.

"People have a certain memory of these places, especially Coy's Steakhouse, and what they remember isn't exactly going to be what it is in terms of look, but in character," he said.

"That's what they want, so in terms of getting the recipes right, in terms of getting the structure of the restaurant right, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done in that, but the team is working around the clock to ensure that the development of both of these restaurants are fully open and ready to go in the first quarter of next year.

"Clay (Caffey) is slowly but surely getting some of those old recipes from the original establishment, but also he's been able to recreate some of the seasonings."

Although Satellite Cafe had previously existed in Little Rock before its closing, its new owner Holland had a personal connection to the restaurant fueling his efforts to bring it back, Kane said.

"I think that just the owner, Keith Holland's relationship with Satellite Cafe is something that he was very intricately involved with and passionate about," Kane said.

"That was more of a personal reason, I think for him to wanna bring that back because of just how many people always talked about having great brunches there and enjoying time with friends and loved ones," he said.

"And that's what really I think he and his team are all about is trying to revitalize, renovate and then create a place where people can continue to share those memories and do so over food, which is the ultimate way to get people to come together."