Mechanic who allegedly brandished gun charged with aggravated assault

Gregory Mason Chapman (Submitted photo)
Gregory Mason Chapman (Submitted photo)

A mechanic at a local auto repair shop was arrested Friday after allegedly brandishing a handgun during an argument with a customer over work done on his vehicle.

Gregory Mason Chapman, 55, who lists a Spring Street address, was taken into custody shortly before 4:30 p.m. at Master Tech Automotive Inc., 116 Vasseur Alley, where he is employed as a mechanic, and charged with a felony count of aggravated assault, punishable by up to six years in prison, and a misdemeanor count of third-degree battery, punishable by up to one year in jail.

Chapman, who lists no prior criminal history, was released a short time later on a $3,500 bond and is set to appear March 5 in Garland County District Court.

According to the probable cause affidavit, shortly after 3 p.m., Hot Springs police Officer Alex Lee and other officers were dispatched to the Master Tech regarding a disturbance and made contact with four people, including a man identified as Chapman.

The alleged victim stated he and Chapman were having an argument over work done to his vehicle which "became heated." He said he approached his vehicle to retrieve something from inside and as he opened the door Chapman "slammed into it with his knee" forcing it closed.

At that point, Chapman allegedly "brandished a black handgun" and held it at his side. As the victim stepped away, he was allegedly "picked up from behind" by another male at the scene and "slammed to the ground."

As the victim and the second man continued to fight with each other, the victim says he heard the second man yell, "Shoot him Greg." He said he lost sight of Chapman until the allegedly attempted to help the second man in wrestling him to the ground.

A female witness reportedly stated that after Chapman kneed the vehicle, slamming it shut, he removed a black handgun from a holster under his shirt. Then the male victim was tackled from behind by the second man and as the two men struggled on the ground, she says she heard the second man yell, "Shoot him Greg."

After a few minutes, she said Chapman re-holstered his handgun and attempted to help the second man with the victim on the ground.

When questioned, Chapman reportedly admitted to retrieving his Walther 9-mm from his vehicle and that he "pulled it" during the altercation, "holding it at his side." The affidavit did not indicate that Chapman pointed it at someone.

The second man was questioned and reportedly admitted to grabbing the victim and getting into a fight with him. There was no record of any charges filed against the second man.

Officers reportedly observed a "knee high dent" in the driver's side door of the victim's vehicle and noted he had injuries "consistent with a physical altercation," including a "bloody left elbow, scrapes and bruising on both knees."

The injuries to the victim and the damage to his vehicle were photographed and added to the report. Chapman's 9-mm handgun was retrieved from inside the business and Chapman reportedly admitted it belonged to him.

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