Democratic groups plan rally in response to abortion resolution

The newly renamed Garland County Armory Building is shown in a file photo. (The Sentinel-Record/File photo)
The newly renamed Garland County Armory Building is shown in a file photo. (The Sentinel-Record/File photo)

The Democratic Party of Garland County, together with the Virginia Clinton Kelley Democratic Women and the Democratic Club of Hot Springs Village, plan to co-host a rally Monday in response to the Garland County Quorum Court's consideration of an anti-abortion resolution.

The rally will take place outside of the Garland County Armory Building, 210 Woodbine St., at 5 p.m. Monday, in advance of the quorum court meeting.

"Those who would like to support this effort are invited to join like-minded community members to demonstrate to the Quorum Court that a pro-life statement does not represent the entirety of Garland County. Attendees are encouraged to bring signs to support their position," the groups said in a news release issued Friday night.

A bipartisan majority of justices of the peace blocked a similar resolution from advancing to the full quorum court last February. County Judge Darryl Mahoney agreed to put the current resolution on Monday night's agenda, allowing it to bypass the committee process most items have to navigate before reaching the full quorum court.

As it does with all items that reach the court, the Ordinance Committee will review the resolution for form before the full court convenes at 6 p.m. Justice of the Peace Dayton Myers, R-District 7, is sponsoring the resolution. He sponsored the pro-life declaration the Public Health, Welfare and Safety Committee held up last year.

The release said opponents to the resolution, which is a statement of opinion that carries no authority, hope to sway at least four of the Republican justices, and all three of the Democrat justices, to vote against the resolution.

"As I review the responsibilities of the Garland County Quorum Court (found on the Garland County website), not one responsibility of a Justice of the Peace relates to setting social platforms or societal norms for the county," Kristie Rossett, president of the Virginia Clinton Kelley Democratic Women, who plans to be in attendance on Monday, said in the release.

"The pro-life resolution is a social, some say religious, platform that is definitely NOT the responsibility of the Quorum Court. In fact, the Quorum Court is called to 'Preserve peace, order, and security.' This resolution does none of these things, but rather sows divisions, chaos, and creates a line in the sand. Instead of representing all of their constituents, some Justices are choosing to put their own personal agendas above the people they are elected to serve," Rossett said.

"We are looking forward to a successful November election and to a future where our Justices of the Peace can get back to business, managing Garland County," Michelle Gates Roberts, Candidate Committee chair of the Democratic Party of Garland County, said in the release.

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