Sunday’s Letters to the editor


Where are they?

Dear editor:

Recently, the Arkansas Department of Transportation came to Hot Springs and "resurfaced" the main arteries of the city. They did an OK patch job, but forgot the most important part: The crosswalks! Where are they?

Yesterday, a man was nearly hit by both myself and a city police car when he stepped into the street with no crosswalk on Albert Pike. Lucky for him, both drivers were alert and stopped in time to avoid a terrible accident.

Dennis Hawthorne

Hot Springs

Investigation needed

Dear editor:

In my opinion, the recent events involving John Horner remaining on the payroll for months at the expense of Garland County citizens after resigning as JP for District 5 and which was widely known, according to The Sentinel-Record, is just another example in my opinion of a "cover up" and not a "clean up."

I urge Garland County Prosecuting Attorney Michelle Lawrence to write a letter to the Arkansas State Police and the Office of Integrity at the Capitol requesting an investigation and prosecution of those officials and employees representing the citizens of Garland County who were aware of the "scheme."

It is time to "drain the swamp" in Garland County.

William Fleming

Hot Springs

Systematic failure

Dear editor:

I can't help but smile as I see the leaders of the Democratic Party rattle their sabers. They are not really running for anything. The truth is that they are running against capitalism.

Capitalism is an economic system in which there is a competitive market that is motivated by profit. Profit allows businesses to hire more workers and pay more taxes. Profit allows businesses to expand and build and create commerce. Those who work are rewarded with more pay and thus they enjoy more creature comforts.

Socialism is a system (proven to be an unworkable theory) in which capitalism is changed to reward those who do not work -- while the governing class (the ruling class) enjoys being taken care of by those who work. (Sometimes the ruling class is richly rewarded by being given ridiculous book deals and exorbitant speaking fees.) Sometimes, the ruling class is given a pass by the media.

Currently in the United States, there are 11 states that have more adults on government handouts than those who work.

The Democrats advocate higher taxes so that more government give-a-way programs can buy more votes -- thus keeping the governing class (the ruling class) in power and accumulating wealth.

By the way, Robin Hood did not rob from the rich and give to the poor. He robbed from the tax collectors and returned the money to the common people so they could live and enjoy their lives without the government pillaging what they worked hard for to feed their families.

Socialism and communism have routinely and systematically failed in the past. The Soviet Union collapsed because of it. Greece is bankrupt because of it. Venezuela and Puerto Rico are insolvent because of Socialism.

I wonder how much longer our beloved United States will last?

John Grillo

Hot Springs

Gun show 'thanks'

Dear editor:

The South Hot Springs Lions Club would like to thank all the businesses that supported our 77th Gun and Knife Show at the Hot Springs Convention Center on Jan. 13 and 14 through donations. The Lions Club uses 100% of the profits to support over 20 area-wide charities. We would also like to thank all those attending the show. Hope to see you all at our July 20-21 show.

Special thanks to The Sentinel-Record, Chicken Express, Starbucks on Central, Advance Auto on Central, Arego's, Bennett Auto Service, Chapman Auto, CL Custom Knives, Climate Control Storage, Harps Food Store off Albert Pike, Greeson Inc., Hot Springs Sod and Turf, Larry's Pizza in Malvern, New Reflections, Red Lobster, Stubby's BBQ, Subway, Sweet Smokie Joe's, Take 5 Car Wash, Purple Cow, Walmart on Albert Pike and Central, Mason Coin and Pawn, Liz's Jellies, Shane's Guns, Riser Chrysler, Rocky's Corner, Popeyes on Grand, Smokin' In Style, Salsa's, Poached, and Picante's.

Steve Yach

Gun Show chairman

'Show trials'

Dear editor:

I never thought I would see the day when a political party in the United States would engage in "show trials." Such a trial as you may know is an attempt to use the legal systems and courts for purely political purpose. It was a favorite tool of the communists Lenin and Stalin. More recently Fidel Castro used this same ploy after his "revolution."

I began to suspect that the Democrats might lower themselves to this degrading tactic when the word "insurrection" began to be thrown about. A true insurrection is perpetuated by a very large number of armed citizens in revolt against a government, using violence, with the purpose of a complete overthrow of authority. Think of the American "insurrection" against Great Britain, or the poor of France overthrowing the ruling Monarchy in France. It is not a protest with a few who get out of hand.

As a conservative political Independent, I view Donald Trump with somewhat mixed emotions. No doubt his sometimes crude Yankee manners could use some tempered modesty and humility. But I don't believe I have ever seen a politician so mercilessly hounded by government police powers as was and is Mr. Trump. It has been the stuff of Banana Republics and dictatorial zealots.

To my knowledge, Mr. Trump has never uttered words calling for the violent overthrow of our government (despite some leftist media cherry-picking his statements) even though he and many of his supporters genuinely questioned the validity of the last election. To misuse the policing and legal system to try and hamstring a sitting President or prevent his return to office (even "The Donald") is a truly scurrilous tactic used by completely unethical fanatics that deserves universal condemnation, and this truth applies both to Democrats and Republicans.

John Bomar

Hot Springs

McCarthy's 'disciple'

Dear editor:

Recently saw Sen. Cotton questioning the CEO of TikTok. Apparently, he is a disciple of former Wisconsin senator Joe McCarthy.

What a disgrace.

Gary Vogt

Hot Springs Village

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