WATCH | Takeout Takeaways: Copper Penny Pub, elevated BLT and onion rings

The BLT from the Copper Penny Pub with onion rings and jalapeño dipping sauce. (The Sentinel-Record/Bryan Rice)
The BLT from the Copper Penny Pub with onion rings and jalapeño dipping sauce. (The Sentinel-Record/Bryan Rice)

Takeout Takeaways is a weekly feature in The Sentinel-Record reviewing meals from local restaurants in Garland County. The views expressed in this article are the opinions of the writer.

Copper Penny Pub has been a downtown Hot Springs staple since the days when the Irish pub was known simply as Lucky's.

Convenient access is something the Copper Penny Pub has above most downtown Hot Springs establishments, with two entrances -- one on Malvern Avenue, and one on Central. As you enter from downtown, it is easy to slide right into the Irish hangout.

The menu features diverse options of Americana and Irish-themed dishes. I am a fan of staff favorites, so I asked the bartender what her favorite meal was. She gave me three options of the steak sandwich, the club sandwich and the BLT. I was close to saying steak sandwich when she added the BLT has avocado and a fried egg on it.

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I said sláinte -- Irish for "cheers" -- and she hooked me up within five minutes, and I was on my way. While I waited I took the time to look around and noticed the fun Irish saying on the wall and a homage to the old name Lucky's on a neon sign -- see if you can spot that Easter egg next time you are inside.

The bell rang and my food was ready. A very friendly waitress asked if I wanted any special sauces. No one says no to that, and offered me the jalapeño ranch. I paid my $18 tab and headed to the nearest fountain to see what this sandwich was all about. At first bite I knew this was a five-star experience; the egg was perfectly cooked to over easy and the avocado gave a creaminess to the BLT that I had not experienced with just mayonnaise.

The toast on the bread was very well done, and the bacon, lettuce and tomatoes were not lost in the egg and avocado. The sandwich was perfectly balanced. Once I got to the onion rings I figured the jalapeño ranch would be just ranch with some pepper seasoning inside of it.

Nope -- I was surprised by a jalapeño forward creamy sauce. The ranch itself was an afterthought of the dipping and there was nothing artificial about the flavor. It tasted like biting into a pepper.

On top of that, the onion rings were perfectly crispy and the onion inside was not slimy. The takeaway from this takeout was the Copper Penny Pub's attention to detail and the overall experience landed them five stars.

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