SENIOR SCENE | Partnerships and relationships

Janie Smith - Submitted photo
Janie Smith - Submitted photo

"No man is an island," by John Donne, relates to all services given through Jackson House.

Volunteers, donors and relationships with all of those around us help to close the circle to provide for the need that surrounds us all. Together we provided over 85,000 unduplicated services to our community -- with your help.

The way to be involved is easy. Volunteer positions in a variety of options are available with flexible scheduling, whether weekly or annually, with anything in between. Donors of goods or moneys are welcome as "Every Day, Every Item, Every Person Counts!"

Prudent distribution of donations with a primary focus on food is our goal.

Being a part of the joy it is to give, is a reward like no other. Join Jackson House today to be the sunshine in someone's stormy day, because we all care, and because it is the right thing to do.

Giving to Jackson House is a "Gift of Love." It not only provides food and other necessities, but it gives "Hope, Dignity, Security and a Future. Real People Make a Real Difference."

Donate at or come by 705 Malvern Ave.

"Every Item, Every Dollar, Every Person, Counts."

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