WATCH | Tail Tales: ‘Cali girl’ Daisy is chiropractic clinic’s beloved Yorkie

Drs. Dana Grenman and Matt Nickerson stand with family and pet Daisy at Aligned Family Wellness. (The Sentinel-Record/Donald Cross)
Drs. Dana Grenman and Matt Nickerson stand with family and pet Daisy at Aligned Family Wellness. (The Sentinel-Record/Donald Cross)

Drs. Dana Grenman and Matthew Nickerson, chiropractors at Aligned Family Wellness in Hot Springs, are partners in marriage and their clinical practice, specializing in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic therapies and chiropractic treatment for athletes, but they also share the clinic's resident canine: Daisy, a blonde Yorkshire terrier.

"We set ourselves on being a family practice, where ... people can come as is," Grenman says.

"We've got Daisy as our little dog, and also our security guard. She lets us know when somebody's here.

"If somebody's ... very emotional or they're in a lot of pain, she just ... goes and sits on them, and it's the cutest thing."

The story of Daisy stretches back to California, where Grenman and Nickerson met while studying chiropractic.

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"In the beginning of our relationship -- that time in our lives where we were completely enthralled in school, and very much so focused on trying to be successful ... (Daisy) allowed us to kind of slow down and ... be gentle," Nickerson says.

Daisy had seldom been able to play and explore outdoors before Grenman became her owner. She calls Daisy a true "Cali girl" who lives her life in the sunshine.

"We used to go sit by the ocean and she would just sit there, and like with her eyes closed and her legs crossed and the sun on her, just listening to the waves and it was just really funny.

"She doesn't like the rain and she does not like the cold," Grenman says.

"I never thought I'd be a person that dresses her dog, but Daisy does have to have sweaters on because she gets really cold. She loves them.

"She's thankful that, you know, that she can like see grass and ... walk around ... and now she gets regular spa treatments," she says.

"We take her to Camp Barkansas."

An ideal day in Daisy's life starts with waking up to snuggles from the whole family. Then, breakfast -- her favorite meal being Israeli chicken soup. Grenman says Daisy also "loves to roll around in strawberries, blueberries, and cucumbers. But like, if she finds one ... she will lick it, and then take it and hide it somewhere."

Nickerson said, "It's almost like living a life more fulfilled when you have an animal, especially a pet, especially an animal like Daisy -- doesn't matter, cat, dog, bears, whatever."

Grenman had some advice to impart to anyone considering having a new pet.

"Make sure you have the means to take care of a pet, and you have the time or if you don't figure out a way to get them somewhere so that they can be social. ... If you are prepared, it's probably the greatest addition you can make to your life."

  photo  Daisy the blonde Yorkshire Terrier is shown with a decorative scarf. (The Sentinel-Record/Donald Cross)
  photo  Daisy the family Yorkie lays in the sunlight at Aligned Family Wellness chiropractic clinic. (The Sentinel-Record/Donald Cross)

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