At the library

Top 5 requests

1. "Three Inch Teeth," by CJ Box.

2. "The Frozen River," by Ariel Lawhon.

3. "The Truth About the Devlins," by Lisa Scottline.

4. "Remarkably Bright Creatures," by Shelby Van Pelt.

5. "An Unfinished Murder," by Jude Deveraux.

New fiction

"Education in Malice," by S.T. Gibson.

"I Cheerfully Refuse," by Leif Enger.

"Mars House," by Natasha Pulley.

"The Storm We Made," by Vanessa Chan.

New nonfiction

"Elevate and Dominate," by Deion Sanders.

"Here After," by Amy Lin.

"House of Hidden Meanings," by Ru Paul.

"Slow Noodles," by Chantha Nguon.

New e-book, e-audiobooks

"The Angel of Indian Lake," by Stephen Graham Jones.

"One of Us Knows," by Alyssa Cle.

"The Husbands," by Holly Gramazio.

"Grief is for People," by Sloane Crosley.

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