SENIOR SCENE | Library: A wealth of resources

The Garland County Library offers a wealth of resources and programs for everyone in the community. Here are five simple ways you can show your support and ensure this vibrant hub continues to thrive:

1. Unleash the power of a library card.

Available to residents of Garland and Saline Counties (ages 3 and above), a library card is your gateway to a vast collection of books, e-books, audiobooks, and more. It's a free and easy way to unlock a world of knowledge and entertainment.

2. Explore the library's diverse services.

Go beyond the bookshelves! Our library offers a surprising range of services, from convenient delivery options to public meeting spaces for community gatherings. We even have a community garden, public computers, and unique offerings like fishing poles and yard games for loan. Actively using these services demonstrates their value and encourages their continued support.

3. Immerse yourself in our programs.

The library is a vibrant center for year-round community events. We host the annual Summer Reading Program, the Winter Watching Program, and a variety of activities for all ages -- from children's story times to adult book clubs. Participating in these programs (whether it's joining a book club, attending a drop-in activity, or tuning in to a livestream) provides valuable feedback and helps us tailor our offerings to your interests.

4. Become a Friend.

The Friends of the Garland County Library is a passionate group dedicated to supporting the library. This nonprofit organization, run by volunteers, raises funds through book sales and donations. Join them for just $5 a year and shop the sale room often -- the selection changes weekly. Don't miss their upcoming Annual Sale in September!

5. Connect with us on social media.

Stay connected and engaged by following the library on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Watch informative videos, browse captivating photos, and join the conversation. Remember to like, share, and tag your friends -- your online support makes a real difference!

Discover more about the Garland County Library: Visit our website at, call us at 501-623-4161, or visit us in person at 1427 Malvern Ave. in Hot Springs.

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