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Janie Smith - Submitted photo
Janie Smith - Submitted photo

Jackson House served tens of thousands of people in 2023, nearly a third of the Garland County's 100,000 inhabitants, at least once.

Our statistics for lunches, groceries, toiletry kits, Christmas toys/bags, and many various other services are consistently up by 10%. The value of our services put into the community is over $5 million. The savings to the police department, civil services, medical services, etc. is well into the millions of dollars. If people couldn't access basic needs such as food, clothing, medicine, gas to work, etc., then they would get it in desperation with crime, suffer illnesses, loss of productivity, expensive interventions, etc.

Often we take for granted the value of nonprofits' contributions to society. We don't realize that without them, the services they provide for free would be costly, and the damage to our society without them would be great. Jackson House is only one of many that, through its services and programs, improve the lives of every age and socioeconomic level in our society.

Whether food, art, teaching skills, mentoring, and many other services, nonprofits enrich our lives for every age. We are better because of them, both body and soul. They need our support more than ever. They aren't immune to rising costs.

Donate with love at or come by 705 Malvern Ave.

"Every Item, Every Dollar, Every Person, Counts."

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