SENIOR SCENE | The Caring Place helps make the family whole

Nina Alter - Submitted photo
Nina Alter - Submitted photo

As of 2022, there were approximately 50 million people worldwide with Alzheimer's disease. It most often begins in people over 65 years of age, although up to 10% of cases are early onset impacting those in their 30s to mid-60s. Many people in that group are still working and/or have children in the home. Alzheimer's Care in an institution can cost as much as $10,000 a month and essentially wipe out a family's life savings in a short time. As much as the financial devastation that the disease can cause, the emotional toll that it can bring to the family can be just as scary.

Many families look for ways to keep loved ones at home as long as possible for many reasons. Most want to provide the attention and care in a setting that is comfortable and safe. Institutional care is not always personalized or available. The Caring Place fills a remarkable need for families in this position. Individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia can enjoy a safe place with people who are dedicated to this cause. This allows the family members who are the primary caregivers a period of Respite. For many families, just these days and hours can allow the family to heal and restore the members! Grandchildren can be looked after, doctor appointments, shopping and social functions -- all important to families -- can take place while your loved one is cared for at The Caring Place.

Keeping the family intact during periods of illness and stress is beneficial for everyone. If you are wondering what to do next, and looking for answers to these issues, give Nina Alter a call at 501-623-2881 or email [email protected]. Our website has very helpful information on how we can help your family. If you would like to help others with the cost of our program donate to our Caregiver Respite Grant fund, you can do so on the website. Most of all, do not isolate and feel alone during this journey!

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